18 November 2013

Vintage Goodness - Latest Finds

It's been a productive weekend of scouting and inventorying the latest goods.

Here's a look at a few of this week's finds headed to our retailer, The Queen of Hearts today.

scandinavian design

Another beautiful Italian decanter. This one is in olive green + is hand blown. Love it's classic lines.

starburst wall clock by lux

A starburst wall clock in a commanding size. Love, love! It's a pristine 1960's original by Robert Shaw for Lux.

atomic design wallclock

The owners careflly tucked this one away in a closet, and there it sat until I plucked it up.

This is the first starburst clock I've come across that wasn't priced over $200. We replaced it with a new electrical cord and it's purring like a happy kitten.

ikea ceramics

This is just a nice set of Danish Modern ceramics by Ikea. I believe this design is now out of production. With such a timeless look, I couldn't pass them up.

articulated ruler

Another thing I never pass by are articulated rulers. They're just fun to play with!

1930s modernist bookend

This bookend is a nice example of early modernism. Dating to the 1930's, this chrome and ebony beauty was made by Revere and designed by artist Fred Farr. The spring coil action of the chrome spirals securely hold your book collection. Cleverly designed, this set is still holding strong. See why I love antiques? Few things made today will still be functioning as well 80 years from now.

glassware by tapio wirkkala

Iittala. The more I learn about this Scandinavian company the more intrigued I become with their artistically designed pieces. This beautiful set of glassware is highly collected and was a real find. This design was created by Finnish designer, Tapio Wirkkala.

iittala glassware

This week's finds proved to be some very nice 20th century originals with nice pedigrees attached. But my favorite find didn't get photographed just yet. It is 1970's matteograssi leather + chrome cantilever chair and a mate. So tempted to keep them for myself...

A few weeks ago I made the decision to restructure my inventory and only stock goods that I genuinely appreciate. It wasn't an easy decision to make because the inventory I was giving up was the inventory that was my bread + butter. But selling antiques just for the sake of selling wasn't authentic, and that began to chip away at my enthusiasm and passion. I knew that if I was going to continue in this trade I had to take a chance, make a change, and hope that my instinct was guiding me in the right direction.

I have to say I was biting nails at first. Over the weeks, I watched my sales go from very high to very low and my bank account dwindle. And as it did, I began to seriously doubt my decision. But, happily, things are picking up, customers are finding me, and I'm meeting people who have the same genuine interest in 20th century antiques as I do.

I'm feeling much better about my decision now. Making a major change based simply on a gut feeling was definitely out of my comfort zone. And trusting my instinct was difficult, especially when the facts proved that I'd be losing the bulk of my income. But I took the chance, and it's beginning to pay off.

And that, my friends, feels pretty darn good.

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  1. I love Queen of Hearts!! They always have the neatest finds! They have really good finds during the holidays!

    1. i know, allison! great dealers, and the staff is so sweet + accomodating. love being a part of it all!

  2. Very nice Starburst clock. My grandparents still use theirs to this day.

    1. i was so happy to finally get my hands on one! such a fun statement piece, no?

  3. Those glasses are so lovely! I'm glad you found your niche and the buyers and finding you!


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