07 November 2013

Vintage Goodness from {Home-ology} modern vintage

It's been a while since I've featured my booth, so I thought I'd give a little peek into what's new over there.

For those of you who are new, you may not know this, but I love 20th century vintage and anything antique. I love the original, the handmade, and all things that have lived with intention and authenticity. And if I'm not careful, my home becomes overloaded with it - so I have to edit every so often. Thus, the need for my little booth.

My booth is a place where I get to share the things I love and a place where I can pass on old finds as I acquire new ones. It's the cycle of life, and that cycle is what collecting is all about.

Here's what's happening at the Queen

mid century glass decanters

A trio of Italian decanters. I'm so in love with these colorful pieces of glass right now. I have one lonely one at home. I think he needs these friends; but I'm trying to resist the temptation.

bamboo bookshelf

They're resting on this lovely Regency-style bamboo shelf. I was so tempted to paint this shelf a great shade of orange. I resisted; however, I think it would look awesome painted-just for a great pop of color without overwhelming a room. What do you think? I'm so tempted to carry it back home + paint it...

bamboo bar cart

And those of you who know me know that I have a real weakness for bar carts. They are such a perfect accessory no matter where they're placed. Again, a Regency-style bamboo design - love!

danish modern ice bucket

A teak ice bucket

gold bar ware

old forester high ball glasses

And a couple of sets of vintage barware complete the set.

industrial accessories

I always keep a little corner of industrial goodness for some additional awesomeness

green vase

I picked up this pair of handblown orb vases recently. Love their organic look.

vintage metal chair

And this pair of green metal chairs. Although they may not look like it, they are amazingly comfortable - I guess they needed to be as these are identified as hospital chairs from Tennessee. They look great sitting with my latest crush

oval pedestal dining table

An uber cool pedestal dining table with oval smoke glass top. Nothing more needs to be said here. Just soak in the love...

oval tulip base dining table

Soak it in...

antiques booth by homeology modern vintage

I love this little slice of my life as much as any. It's all the things that make my heart happy!!!

Our retailer, the Alpharetta Queen of Hearts is having their holiday open house tonight from 5-9. If you're in the area, stop by during that time for all sorts of food, drinks, and frivolity! It's a crazy time and the place is packed, but you are guaranteed to enjoy yourself immensely! I promise, there are great finds to be had - just don't delay, they go fast! And visit their facebook page to get the open house dates at their locations in Buford and Marietta as well!



  1. Oh! I'm kinda glad that I don't live close or my credit card would be burning Hot!
    Love everything!
    and that table - Whoa, it's to die for!

    1. cynthia, i think you and i could do some serious damage!


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