22 November 2013

On the Hunt - C. Jere Urchin Wall Sculpture

In these bags is an early Christmas present to myself from a new favorite haunt I recently found, Pieces in Atlanta (+ online).

pieces, atlanta, ga

For the past seven months I've been searching earnestly for a vintage set of Curtis Jere Urchin (or pom pom) wall sculptures. And every so often I hit the online sites to see if anything new pops up.

For $3800, this original could be mine (whoa Nellie!). A little out of my reach...
curtis jere pom pom sculpture
Another option I came across is this beautiful C. Jere re-issue by Jonathan Adler for $1500.

urchin wall sculpture reissue by jonathen adler

It's every bit as beautiful as the original. But a re-issue never holds the same value, so it's still hard to justify $1500.

That said, if I can't have the real deal, I have no problem opting for a well made reproduction.

brass urchin wall sculptures

urchin sculpture reproduction

So I was uber excited when I found these puppies.

And now they're mine all mine.

I'm having a serious crush right now.


gold urchin decor

And while I was picking up my order, I couldn't resist another urchin - this one a bit more abstract, but just as captivating.

Do you love them as much as I? I'll let you be the judge once I get them hung. I have a spot planned for them all and hope to get them placed before the crowds show up for the big meal next week.  ;)


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