25 November 2013

Leaf Mobile

We had a late fall this year. Normally by this time of year my yard would have been completely put to rest and ready for some winter embellishing; however, Mother Nature decided to extend her fall season by four weeks.

Yep. I still have green leaves on my pear trees.

Thanksgiving is typically one color around here - brown. But the remaining leaves in my yard are still glorious in color, so I decided to take advantage of the late change of season by creating a colorful leaf mobile.

I simply strung my leaves with thread and hung them as I would an ornament onto a collection of twigs I keep on my mantle. This fall, they were the perfect stand for a colorful display.

I love how they gently sway as we pass by.

Also on display are my pomander pumpkins which I made in September. I love how they've remained relevant all the way through late November.

After Thanksgiving I'll finally store them away. But their longevity throughout the past two and a half months has made them a definite keeper.

I wonder if they'll hold their color through Thursday.

And now, it's time to get in the kitchen and begin prepping for the biggest meal of the year. We have a small group this year, only six at the table; but would you agree that by the time you do all the work it might as well be twenty?

Ahhh, the holiday season.


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