05 November 2013

In Search of the Golden Vessel (my DIY Wastebasket)

They say the devil is in the details, and I find that to be very true.

One such detail was the wastebasket I was in search of for the office space - a gold wastebasket.

Naively, I assumed that would be an easy assignment to check off my project list. Wastebaskets are easily attainable, and gold is making a big comeback. So, surely I could find the wastebasket of my dreams by day's end.

But, that was not the case.

Hitting my usual shopping haunts, I didn't spot a single gold trash can. Oh, there were various metal wastebaskets; just none in gold. No problem, I told myself. I'll simply order one from one of the many fabulous online shops.

Did I find examples of what I had in mind? Yes. But choosing one of the options meant my meager budget would be compromised. And all for the sake of a trash can. Would it be worth it?

Here's what I found:

This is a very nice example of what I had in mind. Love the modern design and the fact that's it oval; but is it just me or does the paint job look amateur-ish to you?  (Metal oval trash can/$135.)
modern design wastebasket
zinc door
This gold ikat print is another good choice for a modern design, but it's just not my taste. (Decoupaged/$116.)
gold ikat wastebasket
layla grace
For the truly deserving, this wastebasket has nice classic lines. (Gold Leaf/$399 set.)
gold leaf bath accessories
front gate
Considering my limited budget, I had difficulties justifying the prices. So, as a last resort,  I took another day and scoured through my local thrift shops. Surely I could find a fabulous gold vessel from the golden age of the 1990's (because if you lived it you'll remember that everything was gold). But, again, I had no luck.

Who knew my task would be so difficult?

Refusing to be defeated, I took my only remaining option-to diy the gold wastebasket of my dreams. Enter my plastic trash can and my can of metallic gold spray paint.

diy spray paint wastebasket

When the two collided, I was rewarded with this

diy painted trash can

gold painted trash can

diy trash can

Yes, in a mere fifteen minutes and a mere five dollars I now have exactly what I was looking for.

It just goes to show that sometimes we have to take the long route to easy.


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  1. Great look! What color and brand of paint did you use? Please respond via email bjtj8618@yahoo.com. Many thanks. Betty


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