02 November 2013

Good Eats - Egg Omlette with Sea Salt Kale Chips

I'm always looking for creative ways to embellish the egg. Eggs are such a great protein and are oh so versatile. And for the novice chef, I find they're a fun way to begin one's venture into the kitchen.

This morning, tired of yogurt, I scoured through my fridge to see what was easily available for my breakfast. A bunch of fresh kale and eggs stood out from the crowd of norm's.

omlette with kale chips

So the egg omlette with sea salted kale chips was what I put together. It was so yummy! The soft egg combined with the crispy salty goodness of the kale chips was an excellent combination.

Kale chips are very easy to make. The only problem is that I tend to eat them all as I cook them.

ingredients for making kale chips

Start off with a bunch of fresh kale that has been washed + dried. Strip the center stem, then cut to desired size.

seasoned kale chips

Lay your kale chips on a baking sheet and lightly drizzle a coating of olive oil.

preparing kale chips

Sprinkle with sea salt.

Place kale chips on the lower rack of your oven and broil on low. Carefully watch for the kale to begin to brown. Turn once, and allow them to broil lightly on the other side.

broiled kale chips

I tend to like mine with a little charred perfection. You have permission to broil yours to whatever level of done you prefer.

how to make kale chips

Oh my! So yummy!

You can stop here and place your kale chips in a sealed container for later snacking.

how to store kale chips

Or you can do this!

bed of kale chips

Line a plate with a bed of chips, then add this

egg omlette with kale chips

A simply seasoned egg omelette. I just lightly peppered my eggs prior to cooking. The kale is where the flavor comes in.

Sometimes the simplest of ingredients make for the best of meals.


omlette with sea salt kale chips



  1. Kale chips seem to be pretty trendy lately. I've never been a huge kale fan but you make this sound really good!

    1. try it + let me know what you think. it's a whole new flavor completely!


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