15 November 2013

DIY Mouse Pad

Another little detail I wanted to address with the new office space was the unattractive mouse pad we've been using for years - a freebie acquired from goodness knows where. I've always disliked it but just never made the effort to replace it. But with my motivation still going strong from the recent work we've been doing, I finally made time to tackle this little project.

diy mouse pad

Using the same paper from the file cabinet re-style, I recycled the old mouse pad into something a bit more acceptable to its new surroundings. It's a bold beautiful pattern, just perfect for a small pop of color.

diy office accessories

I knew this simple little project would be a nice finishing detail to the top of the desk. And so easy, I was able to complete this project in a matter of an hour.

diy supplies

  • Paper of choice
  • Spray adhesive
  • Mouse pad (preferrably recycled)
  • Scissors (or Exacto knife and cutting pad)
  • Permanent Marker in color of choice
  • Glass or round disc to use as template

diy mouse pad tutorial

Using the back of your paper (or any other paper) you are going to create a template so that the inverted corner cuts you will be making to your mouse pad will match on each of the four corners. To create the template, first trace around your mouse pad.

mouse pad template

Next, take your glass and place it so that it creates the inverted corner cut. Eyeball to your liking, being sure it is evenly placed.

diy designer mouse pad

On the mouse pad, trace around the glass edge, then extend your mark onto the paper on both sides. The extension will serve a purpose in the next step.

This is how your template should look at this stage.

making inverted corners

You now have the template for the remaining three corners of your mouse pad.

how to make an inverted corner

Match up the next corner of the mouse pad onto the template. And again, match the glass to the template. Once matched, trace the arc onto the mouse pad. Repeat on the remaining two corners then cut.

diy geometric design mouse pad

You've now created your beautiful inverted corners, and your pad should look like this.

diy papered mouse pad

Your next step is to apply the paper to your mouse pad. If you're using a patterned paper, you will want to give consideration to the placement of the paper so that it will be centered once applied. Once you have determined your placement, trace around your paper, but do not cut your paper just yet - I found I got a more precise fit if I cut after I adhered my paper.

Once you've determined your paper's placement, simply follow the directions to your spray adhesive and apply your paper. Use the paper's traced line as a general guide as you place it. Smooth and press as you adhere, then let dry.

After it has cured, trim your paper. You can stop here; but I wanted a more finished look, so I traced around the edges using a permanent marker. A gold edge would have been pretty, but my marker didn't match the paper, so I opted for classic black.

how to make a designer mouse pad

I love how it turned out and how this little detail ties together the look of the entire space.

diy modern mouse pad

how to diy a mouse pad

diy home office ideas

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  1. Thank you for the tutorial! I love your mousepad and how your new office space is looking!

  2. Lovely. I no longer have a "mouse" but I still love it!


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