11 November 2013

Accessorizing the Office Space - Mixing Old and New

It's official (for the most part). The new office space is complete (well, almost). 

The one remaning task is to purge the hub's hoard inventory of paperwork from the past 15 years so that we can begin to organize his current paperwork. I realize that isn't anything you would care about, but it's the one thing that will allow me to finally check this task off my to-do list. And I love to check things off my to-do list.

But as far as looks go, this space is a done deal.

Let me say, however, that the way it currently sits is going to be as good as it will ever look. Yes, once the hub's takes over the space, it will only be downhill from there. I'm sure you know how that goes...

So let's enjoy this beautiful view while we can. 

home office space

At least I'll always have it saved here for posterity. When I begin to feel nostalgic for a clean uncluttered space, I can come back here to revisit.

Do you remember where we started?

bedroom before

green desk

Functional, but a bit cramped + cluttered.

Then there was the three week transition we went through while waiting for various electrical/wiring/+ general guy stuff to be completed.

creating a home office space

There's nothing like being left in limbo...

I took that time to freshen up a pair of industrial metal cabinets to use as the base for the new desktop.

creating a home office space

And now that the space is done, it feels so much lighter.

home office

So much fresher.

styling a home office

Clean + edited with all the papers and office supplies neatly tucked away.

And after I found a place for all the necessary items, I got busy accessorizing the shelves.

If you're new to styling a space, it can be tempting to do a one stop shop for your accessories. But I caution against that. Instead, style your rooms with pieces you've picked up over time or with pieces that are meaningful to your family. Doing so will give your personal space much more character and interest. There's just something about pieces that are authentic opposed to reproductions. Their original character adds a depth that can't be replicated.

Here are  few of my pieces which I added to our new office space:

french desk organizer

french label

One of my favorites is this French ebonized desk organizer. I love its original label written in French. I purchased it years ago because I loved it, and it has been tucked away ever since just waiting for a proper home. I was very excited to finally find a place for it.

accordian style desk organizer

wood desk organizer

Another interesting find is this mahogany desk organizer I also picked up at market. I love the warmth its aged wood adds to the all the white of the cabinets.

square glass vase

Of course I had to include some of my vintage glass vases.

celery vase

Victorian celery vases are an easy vintage find that's also very affordable. They always make sweet floral vases.

antique magic lantern

Do you know what this is? See the smokestack in the back?

antique magic lantern

It's a "Magic Lantern" from the turn of the century. These were used to view the very first films and would have been illuminated with a  tiny kerosene lamp. Love the patina.

antique accordian camera

Something a bit younger (circa 1930's) is this beautiful German accordian camera. I never tire of old cameras, typewriters, + rotary telephones.

styled billy bookcase

So here's my new space. Old mixed with new. The new gives a fresh perspective to the old while the old helps a new space feel authentic and personal.

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  1. It really does look great! And what a relief to have it done. I love that mahogany desk organizer best!

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