02 October 2013

Transitioning into Fall - Filling the Foyer with Fall Blooms

My gardens are filled with fall blossoms right now. The last hurrah until spring.

I want to relish in the vivid colors + greenery one last time before saying goodbye for another year, so I'm bringing as much of it indoors as I can.

cutting flowers

This is my favorite gathering basket. It's an antique and was plucked from a garage sale for $3. Handcrafted from split oak, it has served me well.

red dahlia

Amongst all this growth are a favorite from my mother's garden. These colorful dahlias reseed every year and are a welcome sight. Where they grow, they are shadowed by shrubs and perennials that have become much larger than the demure dahlias. I have to go searching for them underneath the asters and beauty berry.

cutting fall flowers

No matter how well I plant my garden beds, they have a propensity to spread in ways that aren't always the most pleasing aesthecially. I just let them spread where they're happiest.

 Becuase when I bring them all together in an arrangement, they become a beautifully cohesive unit.

fall flower arrangement

In these glass containers I added kale leaves to hide the stems. The wonders of kale never cease!

decorating with kale


I love the droopy fronds of this artemesia and it's blue-grey color.

flower pail

And I love this old flower pail. I love its rustic charm. There's no need to make it pretty.

french baskets

This is a small group of my antique French baskets. They were from my Grandmother's collection which always hung from the rafters of her garage. I have kept them on a shelf in my laundry room for years. I don't know why I haven't brought them out until now.

So pretty.

black hitchcock chair

A new acquisition in the foyer is a pair of antique Hitchcock chairs. Love the touch of black.

fall flowers

Lot's of hydrangeas are drying throughout the house right now.

late summer flowers

decorative owl

And I couldn't pass up the opportunity to bring out this little guy. He was orange last year. 

A nod to the upcoming holiday!

Want to see him and my foyer from Last fall? I almost cringe when I look back at earlier posts and can't believe how much my blog, my writing style, + my photos have changed since then!

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  1. Beautiful! So happy to discover your blogs and to get to know you in our weekly class! See you in a few weeks!

    1. so happy to have found such a talented new blog buddy!

  2. Beautiful foyer! just love it....I don't know which detail I'd comment on first....the gorgeous entry table, the flowers....I could go on and on...It's perfect!


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