14 October 2013

The Elusive Blue Pumpkin

Last year I had the most beautiful blue + white pumpkins for my front door. So lovely in their ethereal hues.

fall decorating

But this year it was not meant to be.

My desired pumpkins were few + far between. And the ones I did find - wimpy and picked over.

blue pumpkins

The sad leftovers.

After an arduous search from north, south, east, + west, today I gave up on my quest.

I was defeated.

In place of the beautiful whites and elegant blues, I was met with this:

pink pumpkins
pink pumpkins
striped gourds
yellow gourds
orange warty pumpkins

Somehow, just not the same...

Defeated in the quest for ethereal pumpkins for my front door, I returned home + turned my interests indoors, to my fireplace. It's time to begin focusing on its significance for the coming months.

I even washed it. 

But not like you might think. My goal was not to clean it. My goal was to merely blend the white of the insert with the black of the lingering sooty residue. And because we actually use our fireplace, painting it is not an option. I've yet to find a black paint specifically made to withstand the high heat of a fireplace. 

My solution was the next best option. And I can actually say it looks much, much better.

brass fire fender

Especially when you stuff it with dried hydrangeas!

Oh, how I love this antique fire fender. A French piece full of beautiful details, I've yet to polish it.

fireplace decor

Sometimes I'm certain I would love the look of a highly polished brass piece gleaming against the glow of a fire. But mostly, I just enjoy the worn patina it's earned over the years.

Once polished, it would take a lifetime to acquire that same patina once again. 

I say it's not worth it. How about you? Would you polish it?

pomander pumpkin

My pomander pumpkins keep moving around the house. This time they've made it to the mantle.

I love them and want to relish in their loveliness for as long as I can before having to relinquish them to the attic for the remainder of the year. 

Another item that keeps moving around are my sheepskins rugs.

white sheepskin

I love them in chairs as much as I do on the floor.

I tossed this one onto the hearth as I was sweeping the other day and decided it should stay.

fireplace decorating

It just looks so warm + inviting.

So, I didn't make it home with a blue pumpkin. But I did come home with a piece of which I've been searching for for quite some time. After it's cleaned up + installed, I'll show you what it is.

I've learned that when you don't find what you're really searching for, go antiquing. You're bound to come home with something you didn't know you needed. And I don't consider that a bad thing.

(P.S. - thanks for tolerating my deplorable typos and misspelled words over the last couple of weeks. Injuring my finger in a nasty incident with the kitchen mandolin took a few weeks to heal. I am happy to say that I am now bandage-free and am able to make typos + misspelled words without the aid of a giant wrapped pinkie. #nomoreexcuses)


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