24 October 2013

Styling a Table - The Elements of Mix + Match

After living in this home for 13 years, we've accumulated quite a collection of unnecessary tschotchkes. And our bedroom is no exception. All the clutter has made the room feel somewhat oppressive.

So, today I worked on freshening up the two bedside tables. 

Here's a small glimpse of how my table usually looks. I'm not proud. But with motivation on my side, I began to clear out the mess.

styling a tabletop

I removed everything from the tabletops to give myself a clean slate. Then I began working with some pieces I already had on hand. 

First I tried a pair of modern yellow lamps.

modern bedrooom update

Like the color, but the lamps are too large. So I returned to my beloved French oil lamps. I may go with two wall lamps in the end; but until I find a pair I totally love, the oil lamps will stay.

antique lamp

Imagine it with a new shade perhaps...

dazzling blue

Next I added this pair of antique Foo dogs. I love their navy blue and worldly vibe. Their beautiful hue became the inspiration for my accent color.

And to the old, I added some new with this metallic candlestand set on a wooden tray. It adds a modern twist.

target geometric candlestand

Next is this awesome vase from Target.

geometric gold vase

The geometric pattern creates texture in my mostly monochromatic world.

brass tissue box

To the new pieces I added this vintage tissue box cover. It was a Goodwill find for $1.21. These 1950's pieces were usually a part of a vanity set and typically plated in 24k. I like its worn patina.

interior styling

All freshened up, that completes my nightstand. And moving to the other side of the bed...

italian decanter

I incorporated my newest thrifted find, a beautiful mid-century Italian decanter which I picked up. I'm falling hard for these colorful pieces of art. And the color on this one is a nice balance to the blue of the Foo dogs.

And to the mix, I again added some geometric accents in differing metallic finishes. This tall vase is has a coppery/golden finish.

mid century home decor

While this Scandinavian candlestick is sterling.

drawer organizer by nate berkus

For a little more color symmetry, I also added this blue + gold linen organizer. Conveniently, there's a perfect sized cubby for both a clock and charging cell phone.

tabletop organizer

The visual weight of the colorful box adds nice balance.

mid century accessories

Did you notice all the different metallic finishes going on? In this room I have two differing gold tones in the mirrors, brass in the lamps, then gold and coppers in the decorative accents. It may be hard to give yourself permission to mix things up as much as I have; but when you see them all together in the room, they blend seamlessly and keep the room from looking too intentional. I also like using a nice mix of old + new. Too much old and your room will look like a museum. Too much new and your room will look like you picked it from a box. 

Mixing the two and using what you love will have your room looking just right!


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  1. Lots of progress! I like the design principles--not too matchy-matchy, not too deliberate. And lots of pretty, natural metals!


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