11 October 2013

Sponsor Highlight - Heritage 1956's Vintage Home Goods

This post welcomes our newest sponsor to {Home-ology} modern vintage.

If your design style gravitates to vintage, you are going to love the shop of Heritage 1956 and their eclectic line of vintage home goods. I am totally in love with their design aesthetic - with its rustic charm, vintaged patinas, and edgy vibe. The line exudes "modern vintage" + is so in line with all that I love. I simply want it all!

To best describe Heritage 1956 is to say their inventory is "that one thing that takes a room from merely interesting to absolutely memorable." And when you can find that one thing at a very reasonable price, it makes the find that much sweeter!

heritage 1956
African Antelope Antlers

heritage 1956
Hammered Brass Serving Tray

heritage 1956
Collegiate Blanket

Created by owner Elizabeth Aleckson in 2012, Elizabeth's carefully curated selection of  inventory has quickly grown from a part-time passion to a full-time online business. But her rapid growth hasn't overshadowed her keen eye. Elizabeth and her team of dedicated suppliers handpick each item, ensuring  their line of vintage goods maintains a certain standard.

As any good designer knows, every room should have that "one thing" that makes a space memorable. The offerings at Heritage 1956 are a carefully curated collection of home goods dedicated  to providing just that.

I can't help but drool over their ever-changing collection of vintage home goods - eclectic, chic, modern, vintage. What more could this girl ask for?

Please welcome Elizabeth and the talented team of Heritage 1956 to {Home-ology} modern vintage, and take time to visit their unique shop. I promise, it's filled with good things!


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