07 October 2013

Pickin' Pumpkins at the Farm

It's time for pumpkin picking.

This time of year evokes cool, crisp days, a thick sweater and a pair of boots, golden leaves swirling in the air, and a pumpkin spice latte in hand as the family gathers for a day at the pumpkin farm.

As I pine for crisp + cool, we remain in the high 80's. No sweaters, no golden leaves, no pumpkin spice latte.

orange pumpkins

Pumpkin pickin' just isn't the same in 80 degree weather. But I'm determined to persevere.

jarhdale pumpkin

blue pumpkins

I love these ethereal colored pumpkins. After using them on my front porch last year, I was totally smitten. Sadly, this selection was on the small side.


There's a process to picking pumpkins that can't be rushed. It's  joy to be had only once you've taken in the sights + smells of fall - an experience at the end of the day's adventure.

First was the petting farm.

A barn full of ubiquitous animals is guaranteed to peak the little one's interests.

So we met the farm family. They were actually a very nice bunch.

The girls seemed to think I knew them all personally and requested sir names so they might introduce themselves properly.

Here goes:


cow head
This is the lovely Georgia Whipped Cream - a fine specimen of her breed.

grey goose
And Mr. Grey Goose (my personal favorite for several reasons)

brown goat


This is Cinnamon Swirl - she wanted to eat shoe laces and had the softest ears of them all

black and white ram
Daddy Greybeard watched very carefully over all the goats while we visited. He was a good protector.

brown horse
Originally, this was Mr. Brownie but was soon changed to Ms. Brownie. My sincere apologies.

And Snoop Dog (a given).

hay ride

Next up after the adventurous petting barn was a very slow hay ride on a hot, sunny day. It was almost more than we could bare in the heat. Look at those faces. Do they say good times? Not so sure.

But we must experience the day in its entirety.

pumpkin farm

And finally came the moment we all were here for. The picking of the pumpkins (in the shade). Yay!

pumpkin farm

Michelle has a good eye for pumpkin selecting, but her original choice was too weighty.

picking pumpkins

She ultimately chose a more weight appropriate prize.

picking pumpkins

While Charlotte chose the perfect pumpkin right off the bat. Her criteria - flawless and round.

Good job!

a day at the pumpkin farm

Time to take our prizes home for a little diy decorating.

hand holding

One can never begin one's diy skills too early.

Charlotte prefers a rainbow of colors.

While Michelle prefers a more minimalist approach.

Such intensity + serious train of thought. It has to be just right.

And the finished product. Perfection!

Unfortunately, I did not acquire the lovely white and blue pumpkins my heart was after, or the bundles of bittersweet. But, that just leaves another opportunity for pumpkin pickin' on one perfect October day that calls for a thick sweater and boots and a pumpkin spice latte while the family gathers for a day at the farm.

And, really, that's what this is all about.


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