31 October 2013

Jewelry Organization

This week has included days and days of intense purging.

I know ya'll can relate to this whole ordeal: hub's asks for workspace in the bedroom and wife makes it an opportunity to restructure the entire room. And not just a little. I'm talking major.

While I've been doing bits + pieces of all of the above for the past two weeks, the past two days have been a tornado of intensive labor. Because, if we're gonna do it, we might as well DO IT RIGHT. Old files have been purged. Old clothes have been purged. Old things in boxes hiding in the closet for the past 15 years have been purged. Old furniture and old accessories have been purged. But oh, how much lighter and fresher everything in this room feels!

And do you remember the mess of jewelry that stood on my dresser when I began this venture? Well, that was my reason for today's chaos.

jewelry tree

I love my jewelry tree, although it's broken from the weight of metal I've attached to it and the numerous times it has plummeted from the dresser by that sheer weight. And the 1990's jewelry box? Well, not so much.

So, while in the midst of reorganizing the bedroom, I finally cleaned up the dresser tops and their years of accumulation. As a result, my jewelry was moved to the closet where I tend to dress anyway. Perfect sense, right?

But it wasn't just a simple matter of designating a shelf for it because there was no room. And before anything new could be added, many, many things needed to be removed.

closet organization

And so it was.

color coordinating your closet

Edited and organized, and it feels so good! (As a side note, I found it interesting just how much white, grey, + black this couple lives in. Yeah, we're just edgy that way...)

storage boxes by threshold

By now you've seen all the great stuff by Threshold for Target. I fell in love with their linen storage boxes (which just happened to be the perfect size for my shelf).

So I went from this:

disorganized closet

To this:

jewelry shelves

OMG, so much better.

And, back to the jewelry - because that's what this is all about.

organized jewelry

Once the closet shelves were purged, I designated a couple of shelves to jewelry. And being unable to part with my jewelry tree, I did a little repair on it and gently propped it on its shelf. I think it will do much better in its new spot.

Next, I added this little guy to the back wall:

threshold for target

Another Threshold product.

This is what I accomplished with it.

jewelry rack

closet organization

So pretty!

Of course, I had to add a little vintage goodness into the mix.

crystal ash tray

A crystal ash tray serves as a place to keep my rings accessible.

antique mirror

And a beautiful antique French mirror keeps things in check.

So, there you have it. Three days of heavy labor, and this is my reward - a proper place for my jewelry. 

It was so worth it!

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