16 October 2013

Chocolate Sea Salted Caramel Apples, Oh My!

Fall has finally begun in the South! Cooler days have arrived, and we can finally enjoy some fall goodness.

One of the most enjoyable experiences of fall is bundling up on a clear day and driving north while watching the leaves slowly change hues from green to gold. What's even more fun is if the end destination happens to be a local festival filled with foods we'd not normally indulge in (funnel cake, anyone?). 

Nothing speaks to simple days more than fairs and outdoor gatherings. And in our neck of the woods, the apple is the star of many a festival.

red apples

Apples have a long history in this region beginning with heirloom varieties from the early 1800's. Apple farms abound, and the pickin' is so good this time of year!

For mine, I chose to dress them in some yummy, gooey goodness.

caramel apples

I love how October gives us permission to dress the apple in the most indulgent and decadent of ways. No other time of the year are we so easily permitted to dip, coat, and drizzle these fruits than we are during fall. 

And that makes the humble apple the highlight of this season.

Have you ever made your own caramel apples? I've always wanted to but was hesitant by the process. But as I learned, making these delicious beauties isn't as intimidating as I imagined. And once we got the process going, it turned out to be a fun and creative afternoon. 

I'm just not certain that learning to make them was such a good thing.

dipped apples

The caramel, the sea salt, the dark chocolate mixed with the crunchy apples... oh, my! I mean, who can resist?

We dipped red apples for the sweet apple lovers.

sea salt caramel apple

And green apples for the tart apple lovers.

dark chocolate apple

Each one first getting a coat of caramel sprinkled with sea salt then a coating of dark chocolate.

candied apples

Last, a drizzle of white chocolate was added - just because we could...

But we didn't stop there.

caramel dipped apple slices

For those who don't want to commit to an entire apple, these peanut coated caramel dipped apple slices are the perfect size. And the crushed peanuts atop a coating of caramel gives that sweet + savory we all love. So, so good...

Finally, we couldn't resist the combination of caramel + chocolate on a pretzel rod. It's a family favorite.

caramel dipped pretzel rods

The salty sweet flavors send you over the moon.

dark chocolate caramel apples

caramel and chocolate apples

Making these was so fun + easy. I can't wait for a reason to make them again. But, do I really need a reason? I think not.

If you're in the mood to create something special, the humble apple takes the spotlight when dunked in the sweet + salty goodness of chocolate, caramel + sea salt. It's a combination that's impossible to resist, especially this time of year when apples are at their peak.

Thanks to Chocoley Chocolates for providing us with our Caramel Apple Kit. Chocoley is a local business specializing in artisan chocolates created in the Belgium tradition. You may have already tasted their fine chocolates in your favorite sweet shop, as they provide chocolates to many of the top chocolatiers throughout the states. But if you're ready to try your hand at your own creations, they also have a wide selection of chocolates (along with all the supplies you need to get started) which can be purchased through their online shop

You'll find everything you need for your own chocolate making indulgences. And to help you get started, Chocoley has a page designated just for recipes + ideas of all levels, all seasons, and all occasions. Below are a few Halloween ideas I came across which would be fun to do with the little ones. (If you'd like to see the recipes for each, simply click its photo.)

chocolate marshmallows
Spooky Chocolate Marshmallows
chocolate strawberry ghosts
Strawberry Ghosts

candied halloween apples
Halloween Apples
We had such a good time making our caramel apples, and they were so surprisingly easy to create. If you've never tried making your own before, I highly recommend you give it a try. Chocoley makes it so simple!



  1. Those look amazing! I know what we will be making this weekend! And your pictures are beautiful!

    1. thanks, megan! those pic's were actually taken w/ my point + shoot a few months ago. amazing what those cameras can do if the lighting is just right (key)!


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