22 October 2013

Bedroom Update - A Dropcloth Bedspread

I'm busy working in the bedroom this week as we complete the space for hubby's new work area. Here's how that portion of the room looks right now. In limbo and kind of a mess. 

It's currently on hold until next weekend so that the electrical outlets can be relocated. That little detail became evident once we determined the exact placement of the bookshelves. But not to worry, I have the rest of the room to focus my energies on.

As far as the walls are concerned in this room, I still love the neutral paint color. And I will forever love the toile paper. Keeping the walls as they are has kept the workload to a minimum. (yay!)

billy bookcases

With this side of the project on hold, I moved my focus to the other side of the room where the bed is located.

traditional bedroom decor

Here we are as we begin. The fabrics are worn and the look is more traditional than I'd like.

Not to mention the years of accumulation that has found it's way in here.

jewelry box

 Yep, this is my nightstand. And, yes, I am utterly ashamed. That jewelry box is from the early 1990's. And the jewelry tree is a tangled mess. I've since relocated them until I can come up with an organized solution. Stay tuned for that.

And see what I mean about worn textiles? A pet-worn + overwashed remnant is all I have left of my beloved bedspread.

old quilt

Thanks to this girl, her brother, and the dog, my bedspread is in tatters. Can you see her shame? Me neither.

grey cat

My preferred bedding is a simple cotton or linen fabric. And make mine a bedspread. No comfortors for me, please. But finding a suitable replacement for my old one has not been easy. That was until I came across my collection of cotton drop cloths stored away in a closet.

They had everything going for them that I had been looking for. They're neutral, they're cotton, they're washable, and they're easily replaceable. I just had to give one a try.

diy bedspread

And, hello! I'm really loving it.

When put together with the grey cotton linens and the sheepskin rugs, it makes quite a handsome combination. And while I was at Ikea picking up the Billies, I came across a linen and down lumbar pillow in the perfect striped shade. It will be a nice contrast once everything is complete.

The slightly masculine feel will eventually be offset by some feminine accessories when the room is finished.

striped pillow

In the end I just wasn't able to part with my beloved bedspread. Yep, I'm holding onto it like a child to her mankie because I know as the nights get particularly chilly, that quilt is the ideal weight to snuggle up with. 

So I carefully folded it on the end of the bed so that its tatters didn't show. Hopefully, when I'm old and senile my children will show me the same care and respect... 

A good mankie is hard to come by. And that makes this quilt worthy of keeping.

eclectic bed decor

My preference is to keep it simple by not adding a headboard; but I feel a need to fill the space. I like the sheepskin, but it's a little lonely on that large expanse of wall. I haven't come up with a solution yet, but the wheels are turning. Any suggestions? 

And I'm considering replacing the nightstands with something more unified. But as for the drop cloth bedspread, I'm really digging the feel of the natural fabric and the neutral-grey color. The classic look is a good start in taking this room from overly traditional to fresh and simple.

So what do you think of using a drop cloth as a bedspread? Would you dare?

*Update: I've used this drop cloth as a bedspread for the last five months. It receives two to three washings a month and has held up wonderfully. Still loving it!



  1. What about framing some of your black and white photography above the bed? It adds a modern touch and would tie in with your grey, black and white pillows. Sheepskin would look great on your chair or on your night stand. Love the new look on the bed!

    1. i do love a sheepskin nicely thrown atop a chair, + i agree the wall placement isn't working - so that will probably happen. + i considered a photo grouping of some sort as a good/inexpensive alternative (always a reliable option); but i think i'm looking for something a little on the edgy side. edgy but not so edgy that it doesn't clash with the traditional. you know, jussst right!

  2. Looking good! Fun to read about the transformation and, yes, that cat looks totally unrepentant.

  3. I'm sure whatever you land with will look fabulous. Can't wait to see what "edgy" looks like :)


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