02 September 2013

Vintage Goodness - Weekend Finds

Last weekend marked the final days for our two booths on Church Street at our retailer, The Queen of Hearts in Alpharetta. Thanks to all of you who helped me with my inventory clear-out. You took advantage of some really great bargains just in time for Fall - which, for me, begins today with Labor Day! Happy, happy holiday!

As of now, I'm manning just one booth at the Queen and focusing mainly on 20th century vintage and antiques - particularly modern and mid-century - mixed in with my love for farmhouse rustic. It's a more accurate representation of my taste in design and is where my interests have laid for the past few years. I'm excited and looking forward to representing more of my true style! I hope you will visit my booth on Meeting Street and give me your feedback on what you like/dislike and anything you are in search of. I love hearing from you - especially when it has anything to do with our homes + design styles!

Now, let's take a peek at some of my latest acquisitions, shall we?

hollywood regency design

I don't question when good things are coming my way. I just accept them gratefully and feel totally awesome that I'm getting some of the good stuff! The past few weeks have been one of those times for me, and I'm soaking it up while it lasts. Lots of goodness, for sure!

This little collection was scooped up at a local estate in my town. And talk about rare? Mid-century goodness in my neck of the woods is unheard of. I'm lucky if I get a piece or two when I'm in Atlanta, but never in the North Georgia mountains!  I grabbed up as much of it as I could afford, but it was selling fast and at above-retail prices. It was a crazy madhouse and we were packed like sardines.

When an estate sale is that frantic, I have found that it's best to hide my stash in the corner while I find a comfortable seat nearby where I can guard my finds from prying hands. Eventually the crowd will thin, and as it does, the frazzled staff will be nicer and a little kinder. Patience and kindness is a true virtue in these moments!

air plant

This handblown hanging vase was found in the basement tiki lounge covered in greasy yellow cigarette smoke. (OMG, the things I'm willing to do amazes me sometimes!) I know these are reproduced today, but this is a true mcm original. I love finding the real deal! See the slight yellowing of the tip of the glass in the last photo? That's a good sign of age.

oriental antiques

These small plates appear to be antiques judging by the aged patina. There are oriental markings on the back. I know the couple of this estate were big travellers, so no telling. In person, the detail of the workmanship really shows. They truly are little jewels of which I'd love to know the history of.

teak ice bucket

A solid teak ice bucket. I will never be able to pass over good barware. 

dansk candlesticks

And I love this pair of silver plate candleholders. They're a pair made for Dansk by Jens Quistgaard. Love, love, love!

iittala candlesticks

Another unknown is this set of Danish style tapered glass candlesticks. Maybe Iittala? The pressed design reminds me of melting ice. Again, wish I had more info on these. Based on the quality of workmanship and the fact that nothing in this home was low-end, I'm certain these are worthy of some research and beautiful, nonetheless.

hollywood regency

A Syroco pheasant. Hollywood Regency glam!

brass tray

And I love this brass tray. Nothing too remarkable, but I have a thing for bamboo anything!

So, that was my hoard. Oh, and a beautiful Eva Zeisal "Tomorrow's Classic" serving bowl and a beautiful Copco paella pan in green. But I think those will be staying with me - at least for a while!

Lastly, I have to send out a ginormous thanks to my dear sweet husband who graciously gave up his Saturday to help me load those two booths. It doesn't sound like much, but he's only home two days out of the week, so for him to give up an entire day is a huge sacrifice. Love, love that man!

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  1. You did great! I especially like the silver candle holders and the teak ice bucket--love that sleek aesthetic!

    1. me too! the little candlesticks remind me of an eva zeisel shmoo ;)

  2. I love the glass danish modern candlesticks! How much are you asking for them?

    1. kirsten, i'm reluctant to price them until i get a little more info on them. i don't want to overprice them. but as soon as i get them into the inventory, i'll message you.

  3. Sarah, I guessed Iitala on those candle sticks as well. My hubby bought a lot of more modern candlesticks in the 90's when he worked for Ahlstrom who at the time also owned the Iitala. Even though the shapes are different, the style of the bubbly crystal looks very similar to what we have.

    1. oooh, interesting! i hate that many of the modern designs were labeled with stickers that eventually are lost. but the research is much of the fun,no?


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