11 September 2013

Sitting Still is For the Birds

I had a foot procedure that is keeping me off my feet for a few weeks. It's so hard to sit still...

Luckily I have a new camera to tinker with. A new camera that has given me the wonderful power to photograph indoors! Oh, how I've waited for this glorious day! Sweet, sweet camera!

french designed interior

It's not perfect by any means, but it's a drastic improvement over my previous point + shoot photos filled with grainy images and dark shadows. New bloggers, don't let anyone tell you that your point + shoot is fine for blogging, 'cause that's just a plain old lie! You'll end up hating yourself and your life because your photos are never adequate.  Just sayin.

My first photography class starts this week, and I can't wait to see progress taking shape. Whoa, I just put some major pressure on myself to improve my photos. What if I fail at taking pic's even after classes? OMG, what have I gotten myslef into? But, hey, in my present state of boredom I'm willing to take a class in glass eating if it will get me out of the house for a few hours.

Aside from the new toy, I have managed to find a few small tasks to perform that don't require heavy labor. You know, those little chores that seem to slip by when we're busy doing big things. There's quite a few small chores to do that I chose to ignore never knew existed until I began searching desperately for something to keep me occupied. I'm not at the "so desperate I'm willing to polish the silver" stage just yet, but it may be getting close. Got.to.get.out.of.the.house...

As a diversion, I've been paying more attention to the weeds in my flower beds and the birds who've been visiting our yard. The birds are winning out over the weeds (although I can be bribed to go out and weed if you wait until the sun sets and give me a glass of wine in a sippy cup with a lid that doesnt' let bugs in.)

One of my favorite visitors are the hummingbirds. As guests, they don't talk back and they don't stay too long.

During the months of August through October they seem to be their busiest at my feeder. I assume it's because the flowers aren't as prolific as they were earlier in the summer. So I work hard to keep it filled for them.

Embarassingly, my feeder turned into a mildew factory last week.

cleaning glass containers

And that's just not very hostess-y of me, now is it? But I have an easy way to clean that sucker out and it doesn't require special cleaners or toxic chemicals. Are you ready?

using rice as a cleaning agent

It's rice! Just add a small amount of rice and water to the container and shake until clean. Your feeder will come out sparkling.

cleaned hummingbird feeder

So easy!

I also prefer to make my own nectar rather than purchasing a commercial brand because it's environmentally friendly (and because it's wicked easy and I'm wicked cheap). All it takes is one part sugar to four parts water.

I have the luxury of fresh well water; but if you're using city water, you may want to consider boiling the water first to remove any residual chemicals that may be harmful to the birds. *Be sure to let the nectar come to room temp before replacing the feeders!*

hummingbird food

To a cup of warm water, add 1/4 C sugar. Mix until the sugar is dissolved then allow the solution to cool to room temperature.

southeastern hummingbirds

Your little friends will thank you.

hummingbird in flight

Along with a few uninvited guests.

But I don't mind.

Because there's enough to share.

And contrary to popular belief, keeping your feeders up throughout the fall and winter will not hinder their migration. According to the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, migration is dictated by the length of day not the food supply, and they are encouraging bird lovers to keep their feeders up throughout the year to help feed those migrating through the state on their way to a sunny, warm blissful place while we freeze the next four months of our lives away.

I think I'll keep mine up all year and see what kind of action I get.



  1. Fun post! It sounds like you're pretty perky, in spite of the immobility! Did you snap those hummingbird shots? I can never move fast enough . . .

    1. I did!!! That's the awesomeness of my new Nikon. But just you wait, I have high hopes that it will get even better ;)

  2. OH!!!!!! you are making me want to take photography classes again!
    I hope you are up and moving soon but enjoy this less busy time if possible.
    I have a hummingbird feeder that's still in the box because I wasn't sure what to put in it or where to get the nectar. So Thanks!

    1. you're so welcome! and i'm trally loving my photo class. only one class in and i've already gotten so much more of a handle on the whole concept!

    2. that should be "totally," not "trally." totally not sure where that came from!!!


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