23 September 2013

Random Happenings

I'm back from a short vaca where we took time off to meet the newest member of our family.

This is sweet baby Eliza Mae.

I took the week off from blogging while totally engrossed in all things baby.

It was a nice respite. However, I'm back home and ready to get back into my routine.

Today I planned to post about the hub's annual ritual of pickling jalepenos. Escabeche is a Mexican recipe of pickled vege's combinng an assortment of vegetables with jaleoenos, sweet onion, and carrots. I can't tolerate the heat of this condiment, but those who can relish in the goodness of this pickled delight.

I was being a good helper, slicing the carrots to go into the recipe, when this happened:

This was the result of me and a mandolin going at it head to head.  The mandolin won. It wasn't pretty, and it still hurts.

Needless to say but I'm going to make this post short. (It's surprising how dependent one is on the little pinkie when typing...) Hopefully we can show the finished product later in the week, but I'm not making any promises.

Let's end this post on a happier note...




  1. She's so beautiful, I love her lovely name too. Hope your finger recovers soon - ouch! /Niki

    1. isn't it the sweetest name? a nod to her southern heritage!
      oh, and the finger thing... uggh! still hurts!!!

  2. I can't believe you bled for a food you don't even like! That baby is a doll!

  3. Oh! What a sweetie! She has SO much hair!
    I adore her name, How wonderful to have this newest addition.
    (hope your pinky feels better soon!)


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