13 September 2013

Pumpkin Pomanders for Fall

I like to use natural elements in my seasonal decor, preferring to forage in the woods for fallen twigs rather than foraging through the craft store. So, as I was deciding how to decorate with a collection of craft store pumpkins, I knew I wanted to give them a more organic design before adding them to my table.

white pumpkin

I decided to make pomanders. And since these pumpkins aren't of the organic variety, it's a great way to enjoy both their decorative beauty and their fragrance from late fall throughout winter.

pumpkin pomander

This is an easy project that only took a couple of hours to complete. And all you'll need are craft store pumpkins (the foam style), a piercing tool (I used the tip of my wine opener) and whole cloves.


To start, first decide on the design of your pomander. I just eyeballed my design as I went along, but you may want to mark yours with a sharpie first.

white pumpkin

making pumpkin pomanders

After you have your design ready, pierce the pumpkin.

cloved pumpkins

Then add your cloves.

Don't be shy about piercing the pumpkin to deep. You will want to pierce it deep enough to accommodate the clove stem, otherwise, you're just creating more work for yourself.

pomander pumpkins

My finished products.

Now wasn't that easy? I love how natural these look. And best of all, you'll be able to enjoy them throughout the entire fall and winter seasons.

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  1. That looks wonderful! I bet the smell is just amazing...I am definitely a lover of the creamy white pumpkins and what you did is just genius...


    1. i love the white pumpkins! and the blue ones, oh my, they are so dreamy! can't wait to purchase the real deal!!!

  2. Oh I love this idea! I agree with you. I would rather use something natural.
    Great post.


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