10 September 2013

Artist Feature - Kirsten Stingle "Shadow Circus"

Coming from a family of artists (some trained but most self-taught), I learned at an early age how to appreciate the quality of a handworked object. Acquiring the finely honed skills of an artist takes years of study and training and an innate ability to see things from a unique perspective. Many will study their craft but few will master it.

Several years ago I met one such artist - a creative being who has mastered her craft and has been gifted with the rare ability to communicate through her work. Kirsten Stingle, a narrative ceramic artist, mixes her passion for clay with her passion for collecting discarded relics. Her collaborations come together to tell a story that is raw yet refined and meaningful.

Incorporating found objects into her art comes as second nature to Kirsten. Coming from a long line of packrats, Kirsten spent her childhood resurrecting discarded relics into new creations. Once she began working with clay, it was only natural that these objects would find their way into her ceramic narratives. For Kirsten, these relics help define the story of each creation and are a reminder of a shared history - just as our own history defines who we are.

Kirsten's latest collection, which will be exhibited at the Marietta/Cobb Museum of Art from September 28th through December 15, took 18 months to complete. Entitled "Shadow Circus," Kirsten used "light and shadow [as a way] to explore the emotional layers that define us,"

kirsten stingle
As a storyteller, Kirsten's intention is not to dictate the story to the viewer but is to have the individual bring his or her own perspective to the artwork. And hopefully, as the viewer spends more time with each piece, a story slowly emerges.

kirsten stingle
Imminent Possibilities
With a fine arts degree in theater, Kirsten's use of expression + gesture immediately connects us to each piece on a personal level.

kirsten stingle
While the use of found objects and discarded elements create imagery beyond that of the present moment and are meant to carry you into the deeper meaning as the story of each piece is unraveled.

kirsten stingle
Emotionally compelling and not without a little whimsy to play against our more serious side.

kirsten stingle
Her use of shadows help express the limitless spectrum of emotional layers that define us.

kirsten stingle
Through the use of mixed media, Kirsten's figurative works carry you to the depths of your inner psyche and have you exiting that realm with a genuine feeling of connection to humankind. "Shadow Circus brings to light the inner stories and dialogues we have with ourselves" and present the "common threads" of the human experience.

It's an honor to have Kirsten as a new sponsor to {Home-ology}. 

If you're a local or plan to be visiting the Atlanta area, be sure to visit Kirsten's exhibit, "Shadow Circus" at the Marietta/Cobb Museum of Art. Opening is Saturday, September 28th from 6-8pm. Additionally, Kirsten will be giving a lecture on the conceptual and technical process of her work on Saturday October 26th at 5:30. The exhibition runs through December 15, 2013.

And if you're curious to learn more about a few of the pieces in her collection, visit Kirsten's blog where she delves into the creative process and takes you on the journey of creating.

Kirsten Stingle is a ceramist living in Alpharetta, GA. Her pieces have travelled the country and are currently on display in New York, New Jersey, Michigan, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Texas. Her works are available for purchase at the Signature Contemporary Craft Gallery in Buckhead. Exhibition pieces are also available for purchase at the museum or through Signature’s website, The Signature Shop



  1. Fascinating work--evocative but definitely unsettling, for me at least. Are the torsos life size?

    1. i can see where you might get that impression; however, i would encourage you to check out kirsten's blog where she explains some of her creative process with these pieces. you'll find a there is a light hearted humor behind them oftentimes!

  2. Oh, I do like her work!
    Especially "Life's Potential", that I saw over on her blog.
    Thanks for showcasing her art.
    Very cool.

  3. Thank you Sarah for you kind and thoughtful blog about my work! As you know I am a big fan of yours and it means a lot!!


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