30 September 2013

Another Good Thing - Wax Paper Gift Bags

Fall is here, and that begins the season of gift giving and the joy of food. From candy in October, to the hostess gift for Thanksgiving and Christmas gifts for those we cherish, food is at the center of the celebrations.

With all that food being shared, why not make your delectable gifts a bit more special by presenting them in handmade bags? They may look complicated but, trust me, these wouldn't be on my list of favorite things if they weren't easy to create.

wax paper gift bags

You can make these bags any size you'd like, but I found a 5" bag was perfect for several fresh baked cookies. These instructions will make two 5" bags.

What you will need:

Wax Paper
Old T-shirt or light towel to protect your work surface from wax
Embellishments of your choice

Tear a length of wax paper approximately 15 1/2" long.

Fold your wax paper in half vertically to create two 15 1/2" long x 8" wide lengths of paper. Cut along the folded line to separate the two halves.

wax paper gift bags

To each piece, fold the bottom of the paper up 5" then fold that over once more.

creating paper gift bags

At this point your paper will be divided into equal thirds, with the exception of the top piece, which will be slightly longer.

wax paper

The slightly longer top will create a flap.

wax paper goody bags

To embellish your bag, open your folded paper once again.

In the middle divided section, place your embellishments in a pleasing pattern. For some of my Halloween bags I used dots created from orange card stock paper and a hole punch.

Once you're pleased with your pattern, gently fold the bottom portion of your paper over the middle section to seal your embellishments. With your iron set to "synthetics," gently iron over the wax paper. Iron the front and back sides of the embellished section.

embellished gift bag

Now it's time to seal the two remaining folds together to create the pocket. When folded over, the embellished portion should be at the front of the pocket.

creating embellished gift bags

On the inner side of the bag, run a bead of glue along each edge. Press to seal.

making goody bags

Let dry for recommended time.

candy goody bags

The next step is to fill them full of good things to share.

halloween goody bags

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  1. Very cute! Easy to do if you need a quick bag, I guess you would use non toxic glue for food.


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