04 September 2013

A Day in the Garden

What's with all the wildlife in my gardens? I mean, yeah, I know it exists, but my encounters today go way beyond the norm.

Now, let me preface by saying that I have a very healthy respect for each and every one of the little critters I share the land with. And I greatly appreciate the work they do in preserving the symbiotic relationship we all have with each other (we truly do rely on one another). However, when they begin to encroach my private space - well, that's just another story altogether.

It's been an unwritten understanding between me and the above mentioned insects/reptiles that we admire one another from afar and that we maintain a respectable distance. Today that agreement was violated. Today I came upon a plethora of spiders that jumped (eeew); numerous fuzzy white, green, and black catapillars; a colony of praying mantis (true! there were at least five in one spot!); and a garden snake that was more curious about me than I was about him.


This little garden snake wanted to hang with me the entire time I was pulling weeds. He did respectfully keep a distance but always stayed within site of me. He's kinda cute! Hey, thanks for all you do little dude!


But this was my favorite little fella by far. As I was busy pruning the hedges, I noticed a twig moving. Can you see him? Clever little guy... he's a caterpillar disguised as a twig!!! A twig caterpillar! Have you ever seen such cleverness? I had to be very careful to note where he was so that I didn't trim him along with the other branches! And I'm happy to report that he managed to avoid the pruners.


And then there was this - a praying mantis, along with his group of friends.

I have always admired praying mantis' and still do... sort of. But when I recently saw where they will actually impale hummingbirds while they are feeding, I was mortified and awed at the same time. How such a tiny creature can overpower a larger prey is pretty amazing.

So, just beware if you see a praying mantis on your feeder. He's looking for a meal. Am I the only one creeped out by that? So gross! And it was even creepier when he looked at me with those big old eyes. Again, eeeew!

But there were some pretties, as well. Actually, I only witnessed raw nature while hubby got the pretty stuff. He shot this pic.


But at the end of the day, I was rewarded with this

hydrangea blossoms

And it made it all totally worth it!



  1. I could barely read this post.
    I was frightened to go to the next photo.
    Snakes freak me out so bad that I can't even handle photos of them.
    Luckily for me, there are no snakes in my yard.
    Not even down in the ravine part.

    1. awww, you crazy girl! as much of an animal lover as you are, i can't believe a snake frightens you! i'm sorry i went there with this post, i know how difficult snakes are for some people. does it help to know that the majority of them are highly beneficial to us? probably not, but thought i'd throw it out there ;)


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