02 August 2013

July in Review

I'm always amazed how quickly the months pass, but this month passed in time warp speed. Around our house it's been a whirlwind of fresh vegetables and berries coming in, along with some nature-inspired crafts, and an addition to my slowly evolving basement. Let's recap!

During the month of July, I had the pleasure of making one of my favorite desserts, Fresh Fruit Cobbler. This one is a once a year treat that I indulge in when the berries are their freshest. I savor every bite of goodness then wait for its return the following year.

strawberry cobbler

That was until I tried this low calorie version. This Low Cal Mixed Berry Cobbler just may allow me to indulge more frequently. So good!

mixed berry cobbler

In between all the good eating going on around here, I came across an abandoned nest while doing some much needed trimming. My find inspired me to create some Paper Feathers of my own.

paper feathers

And later in the month, the folks at Hometalk asked me to curate a board for them! Since I was already putting together a clipboard of bathroom storage ideas for myself, I gathered some of my favorite finds from their creative members and added them onto my 17 Bathroom Storage Ideas.
storage solutions
I'm a huge gatherer of nature and love the inspiration it gives me in my home. A found piece from the property got a little glam on this Paint Dipped Antler.

paint dipped antler

And while I was getting creative with the outdoors, I was also getting creative with the surplus of fresh berries coming in this month. Another berry treat I made was the Blackberry Gin Fizz. It's like "slap yo mama" kinda good.

blackberry cocktail

I've been slowly up-doing my basement lounge/library to a more modern aesthetic. I found this pine table hiding in a corner and revamped it into a Metallic Glazed Table.

side table

I love the subtle hint of sheen it added without taking it over-the-top.

And lastly, I'm saying goodbye to two of my booths at the Queen as I transition my inventory. And while I have a feeling I won't be able to give up my love of rustic and garden entirely - after seven years, this girl is definitely ready to mix it up!


There's a big sale going on through the month of August on primitives, garden, and some industrial as I Revamp My Style at the Queen.  A lot of the inventory shown in this link has been sold; however, I'll be bringing in reduced priced inventory all throughout the month of August, so keep an eye out if you're a local. 

So, goodbye July and hello August! August also brings the "big" birthday for me. Yep, 22 more days to go... Not sure how I feel about it considering I've been dreading it ALL year. In a way, it'll be nice to have it pass by and be done with so I can move on with my life. On the other hand, there's never going to be any going back from it.

Yep. You'll either find me celebrating in some immature and insane way or wallowing under the covers in self-pity. I'm just gonna let the cards fall on that day and see where it takes me. I'll let you know how it turns out ;)


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