21 August 2013

Handmade: Jewelry Station DIY

I've been feeling crafty as of late and looking for a reason to play with the ploymer clays I have stashed in the craft room. So when my jewelry tree collapsed underneath its load last week, it became the perfect opportunity.

diy jewelry station

I decided to make a jewelry station to house my most often worn pieces while storing away the "occasional" jewelry.

polymer clay bowl

So pretty!

Here's what you'll need to create your own:

white polymer clay
wax paper or silpat sheet
rolling pin
gold metallic paint
small paint brush
sanding block
glass dish
remnant of lace

Roll out your clay to the desired thickness using a piece of wax paper as your base. Don't make the mistake of rolling onto your counter - it will be impossible to remove without tearing.

Trim to your clay to the desired shape.

trimming polymer clay

Once your base was created, add an embossed design using the lace remnant. Apply light pressure with a rolling pin to impress the pattern onto the clay. Next I create a rim to the outer portion of the tray to keep things tidy.

polymer clay tray
embossing with lace

polymer clay project

This oblong tray was a simple free-form shape that was baked as is. I also created a smaller round bowl by baking my embossed clay inside a shallow oven-proof bowl. This helped retain the shape.

Bake according to your product's specific instructions.

diy polymer clay bowl
Once your pieces have cooled, you can sand any rough edges if you'd like. I like the slightly irregular look of handmade, so I sanded sparingly.

Next step is to paint. I wanted a little glam, so I opted for a gold gild.

gold jewelry tray

I like the way the gold paint plays against the unfinished, slightly organic side.

Once done, you can seal with a clear enamel if you'd like a bit more protection.

diy polymer clay jewelry dish

To complete my jewelry station, I placed my bowls inside a wooden tray.

handmade gold jewelry organizers

Now my favorite pieces are contained, yet easily accessible.



  1. This is a cool project! I bet I have some polymer clay lying around . . .

    1. i had so much fun working with the polymer. so many possibilities! (can you believe that stuff has been sitting in my craft room for at least five years?) crazy!

  2. So adorable, such talent. Never have worked polymer. Thanks for your visit to my blog too!

  3. What a neat idea! They are so pretty!


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