09 August 2013

Fortvny Lamps for the Modern Girl

Lighting is to design what the perfect accessories are to a dress. And I must admit, I'm all about the accessories - especially when they equal the ranks of Tiffany, Channel, or Versace.

That's why I am so excited to welcome Fortvny as a new sponsor of {Home-ology} modern vintage. Fortvny is a retailer for Fortuny lamps as well as the Venetia Studium line of interior design items. All exquisitely inspired by Old World tradition and quality craftmanship.

Check out their online shop, Fortvny for all of the captivating eye candy.

As for me, I am completely in love with the lighting. And depending on the mood you're after, any one of their Fortuny lines has a lamp that's perfect for your space.

Right now I'm lusting after the Studio 1907 line with its modern design.

fortuny 1907 lighting

The perfect compliment to a modern aesthetic. One of each, please!

But, I like to mix it up a little, especially when it goes from the public rooms of the home to the private rooms.

I could so easily see this in my bedroom

fortuny silk lamp

I absolutely love the classically modern geometric of the brass structure against the silk of this "Scheherazade" lamp. Timeless design.

And for my foyer, the glass Cesendello on Rod will do nicely.

fortvny lamp

But in my dreams, I live here - just me and my Fortuny lamps.

You can come visit.


Are you ready to drool over the eye candy I have put before you? Visit our newest sponsor, fortunyshop.com, and be prepared for some jaw dropping, because it will happen.

You will be in the presence of design gods.


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