07 August 2013

Finally, the Exercise Routine I've Been Searching For

The moment arrives for me in a mere 18 days. Yeah, "that" day is in my very near future.

It's time to take my health seriously and make one last ditch effort to get myself into an exercise routine before my body begins to shrink into oblivion.

In my desperate search for motivation, I came across the video we've all heard about but were afraid to watch.

Yes, my loves, it's Prancercise!
My fave has to be the Prancercise Gallop - so graceful she does move.

Apparently John Mayer is a fan. 

The duo of John + The Prancercise Lady recently collaborated to create the "Romancercise" routine. rollingstone.com

But, really, why not take it all the way and Unicorn Prancercise - because that's how I really feel about it all.
I hate to exercise.

This routine has done nothing to get me off the couch. On the contrary, it had me glued to the screen for hours in total awe...

There's just no going back Joanna Rohrback.



  1. The Prancercise video is priceless! New to your blog and looking forward to following it!

    1. welcome to my world! i'm so glad you found me ;)


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