16 August 2013

Build a Custom Bench with Premiere Footstools

Several years ago I splurged on tailor-made furniture for our family room. I love it and am so happy I invested in custom pieces rather than picking off a showroom floor. The cost meant we were comitted for life, but I love those pieces as much today as I did when they were first delivered to my doorstep.

One of the major purchases made then was a leather ottoman. I love it and aways will. But, honestly, I may have overpaid for the name. I can finally say that, now that our heated love affair has settled to warm embers.

Yes, there are certain things totally worth sacraficing your child's college education for, and then there are those other items that aren't so much.  My ottoman is one of them. It's legs are continuously coming unscrewed from the base, and I have found that its construction is no more superior than many of the less costly versions.

But for you dear readers in the UK, I have a new sponsor that promises to give the best of both worlds - great construction and great price. And I'm putting them on the radar so you don't have to make the same mistake I did. Premiere Footstools is an online company who offers a complete selection of footstools and benches at very reasonable prices and with an uber fast delivery time of 14 days! That means you can send out invites for your next dinner party and order a new ottoman at the same time and your ottoman will arrive in plenty of time for the party!

And what's so great is that any stool or bench can be custom-made. You can use your own select fabrics or choose from their personal line (swatch kits are free to cusomers in the UK). You can also choose your own leg style. I'm a leg girl, myself, believing that a set of sexy legs are the hidden accessory that truly make a piece stand out.

And if you have an odd sized spot in your home where no piece seems to fit, Premiere Footsools is able to create your perfect piece based on the dimensions you specify. What? Who does that? Umm, Premiere Footsools does!

I wish this company had been on my radar when I was designing my space. But it's not too late for you. Visit  Premiere Footstools and see the great line of stools and benches they are offering.

*Premiere Footsools is a sponsor {Home-ology} modern vintage.


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