05 July 2013

Vintage in the Garden

I haven't had time this season to be as productive in my gardens as I had hoped. My goal was to finally create the potting bench of my dreams - one that evokes the feel of an ancient English garden covered in a mossy patina and filled with beautiful zinc pots, vintage garden tools, and relics of gardens past.
potting bench
The use of vintage in the garden, the mix of aged woods and old metals against the lush green leaves and colorful blossoms, it's a beautiful contrast.
stool turned garden planter

And this time of year, my garden is where I spend much of my time, so it's only fitting that I enjoy some vintage in my outdoor spaces as much as I do my indoor spaces.
vintage ceramic garden birds
metal flower bucket
As inspiration, I've gathered some creative ways to display architectural relics + antiques in the garden. Nothing so new, but all are timeless and a great way to be green in your own personal green space.
herb garden
The use of an old wagon wheel is a clever way to divide your herb garden. A very practical way to keep things organized.
mirror in the garden

mirrors in the garden
Mirrors used outdoors are a beautiful way to enhance a garden. An unexpected outdoor embellishment. I love their reflective qualities.
hanging ladder chandelier
Every year I look for a way to create my own ladder chandelier like the one above. I haven't found the perfect spot - yet...

What I'm currently coveting...
potting station

planting station

Inspiration for a vintage garden.


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