22 July 2013

Revamping My Style at the Queen of Hearts

The time has come for me to make some changes at my retailer, The Queen of Hearts Antiques.

While I've been in a blissful relationship with her for almost two years now, the honeymoon phase is beginning to wane. And just like any relationship, it's time to mix things up - you know, just to keep things interesting.
Part of the changes include closing my two booths on Church Street.

It's a bittersweet decision since they were my first booths. However, maintaining three booths while sharing my time between two cities has become a bit much for me.

I'm not leaving my beloved Queen, just revamping the inventory. I will continue my booth on Meeting Street for the time being as we wait for the perfectly sized booth to surface. And when it does, the look will be a more modern and eclectic collection of furniture + home goods.

As much as I love my garden + primitives, I've been selling them for seven years now and feel it's time to pass them on to a newer dealer or owner. They continue to be my best sellers. However, just as important as sales is the need to stay creatively inspired.

That said, it's time for me to start fresh + new.

The inventory in my two booths on Church Street are generously reduced. There are some fabulous deals to be had.

All at prices well below retail. This just in time for the fall season which is soon upon our heels!

I hope you will have a chance to stop by and take advantage of some really great bargains. The sales will run through the month of August as I continue to bring in newly reduced inventory from my storage.

Look for dealer SLK on Church street or simply ask the front staff. They are a group of wonderful ladies who are always more than happy to help in any way they can.

Don't miss out!


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