15 July 2013

Last Week Living in Instagram

Do you Instagram? I'm late getting on board; but, being a very visual person, find myself drawn to its ability to instantly capture whatever it is I'm seeing or feeling at a single moment. This was my week living in Instagram.

Monday morning's walk revealed a crop of blackberries almost ready for cobbler. Warm cobbler + vanilla bean ice cream = happy day. Can't wait!

On Tuesday, I got to explore an enchanting historic neighborhood in Knoxville that I've decided is where I want to spend the rest of my days. And tucked within this lovely area is a wonderful little restaurant. Chef Drew McDonald from The Plaid Apron does an amazing job of serving up farm fresh local fare for breakfast + lunch. (Thanks for the recommendation, Phebe!)

I had to share my lunch with this little guy.
I think he ate more than I did.

On Thursday I returned to Knoxville to hit one of my favorite vintage shops, Nostalgia. Unbeknownst to me, it is only blocks away from the lovely neighborhood I just found. 

I love how an area slowly comes together as one learns their way around a new city. A piece of the puzzle slowly gets put into place over time until you realize that all your favorite things are located within just a few blocks of one another.
While there, I pulled together a beautiful ensemble for the modern vintage girl. So apropos for a day of vintage shopping - if only I could fit into a size 2 once again...

And while I didn't leave with the awesome Go-Go outfit or the fish tank t.v., I did carry home a few awesome finds ;)

(See the dark blob in the center of the screen? It's a puffer fish looking at you.)

The weekend had us back home where we checked out the Atlanta Street Food Festival. Held at Piedmont Park, it was an opportunity for local food trucks to show off their best while vendors set up around them. Centered in the middle of it all was a live stage. It was a good opportunity that missed the mark a bit considering the cost to enter plus the cost of the food.

But we did enjoy the Happy Belly food truck and their roasted brussel sprouts with Thai sauce.
And these Korean wraps
But we left still hungry. Luckily we found a little Korean/Japanese fusion restaurant across the street. Kiri was a good end to our day.



  1. It looks like you had a really great day!
    Great finds and good food!
    I wish I had an iPhone so that I could live in Instagram!
    Oh well! someday.

    1. oh, cynthia, my world changed when i upgraded to the iphone. do it as soon as you can - you'll love it! and i can't wait to try your recipe for roasting brussel sprouts! yum...


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