01 July 2013

June in Review

Oh my, I can't believe how quickly June has passed by. The passing of June and the oncoming July 4th celebration signals the height of the summer season, and bids farewell to the cool green days of spring.

I started June with a great southern event. The Atlanta Food + Wine Festival was an exciting way to start the month. So many creative chefs and mixologists to delight in. I honestly love high Southern cuisine.
atlanta food + wine festival
I also planted a White Garden at the mid-century home as we were getting the home ready for resale. The patio area is very shady and needed a bright pop to help welcome guests. No better way than to plant a garden of white flowers and variegated leaves.

A white garden highlights a shady area and will make a favorite outdoor evening spot almost glow in the dusk of the night sky.
planting a white garden
There was lots of gardening going on in June.

I did a tutorial on dying Queen Anne's Lace using food coloring. The next week I made some beautiful hydrangea bundles.
hydrangea arranging
After all the gardening was done, we returned to the mid-century remodel to complete the dining + living room reveals.
dining room

One of my favorite recipes is my BBT sandwich. It's simply bacon + basil on country toast. So simple yet so tasty! I never tire of its fresh flavor on an early morning.
bacone and basil sandwich

This time of year I enjoy taking advantage of the fresh vegetables showing up at our local farmer's market.

In our little town we have a bustling market where, if you're able to hit it before 8 a.m., you'll find an array of homegrown vege's to tempt you for the night's dinner.
fresh vegetables
June was a busy month mostly filled with outdoor chores + activities. The ample rains we've been blessed with have delighted my gardens. I've never seen them so abundant and full of blooms as I have this year. It was a beautiful June in every way!
Home-ology Modern Vintage
Oh, and more exciting than all the outdoor goodness was seeing my blog redesigned into something beyond beautiful. I love it's new look, and can't wait to visit each + every day. Jenny from Maiedae has such an eye for detail and knew exactly what I wanted - even before I did. She + Leah have been such a pleasure to work with. I look forward to collaborating with them again in the future. If you're in the market to give your blog a fresh new look, I highly recommend them. Such beautiful young ladies with such great talent!


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