31 July 2013

Adding New Inventory

Oh my gosh! You guys did such a great job scouring for bargains in the two booths last week! Good for you for taking advantage of such great buys, and kudos for your bargain skills!

When I arrived at the Queen this morning, I was met with two very empty spaces which I was happy to fill back up again for you - all at the same greatly reduced prices as I clear out my storage unit. Here's a few more items I've added today - a mix of industrial and rustic.

english display shelf

I say that as I show you a beautiful three-tiered English oak display. Not industrial or rustic but beautiful just the same. I love the paw feet. This would be great storage in a bathroom.

media table
A media/console/sofa table with an an antique door for its top.

upcycled antique door
Love the chippy patina. The finish has been sealed with a poly to protect the surface.

school locker
A collection of industrial finds that came out of a military facility. The locker has its original set of keys.

file cabinet
This old file cabinet has a sliding top and storage underneath. These are often used as beverage coolers - just lift the lid and grab your favorite beverage!

desk organizer
I'm lovin' the old-school desk organizers now that I'm looking at them. Hmmm. I may pull those out for myself if someone doesn't get to them first.

industrial mirror
These are a pair of institutional bathroom mirrors that came out of a remodeled department store. I love that their stainless steel and that they have that cool ledge on them. The one in the back is slightly larger than the one in the front.

vintage child's chair
And speaking of old school, this is a child's chair from an old school. A great bargain in need of just a little clean-up.

shopping basket
Remember when Pottery Barn was selling these for $160? This is a vintage one for a lot less!

vintage display pieces
Now were into the vintage dress section. Aren't these the perfect display for a vintage pop-up shop? Love!

shoe rack
Complete with a vintage rolling shoe rack. "Awesomeballs!"

vintage garden supplies
And we've moved to the garden + rustic booth.

vintage metal table
I love this little coffee table. It's made from part of a "Domestic" sewing machine base with a marble top added. Why is this still here???

wood shelf
When I first purchased this shelf it was covered in a faux wood-grain contact paper. It was covered! I slowly removed the paper and was so happy to see this beautiful soft green + cream paint hiding underneath! Why someone felt the need to cover it with contact paper is beyond me.

vintage wheel
Sweet little bits + pieces!

I have a drawer that has a collection of odd bits + pieces. There's no rhyme or reason, just a treasure box of little pretties that are fun to pull out and admire from time to time. I think the grandchildren will enjoy peeking into it once they get old enough.

vintage kitchenware
A collection of vintage goodness. I love that set of glasses.

enameltop table
As well as the enamel top table they sit upon.

horse print
This very old print is another piece that I love. This photo doesn't do it justice, but the artist created this piece of work for some the first paper currency used in the United States. It's titled "Spirited No. 2." In person it quite captivating.

antique rocking chair
painted rocking chair
rocking chair
And last is this adorable rocker with its original painted surface.

I'm also working on two Hoosier-style cabinets that I'm in the process of cleaning up to bring in, so keep an eye out for those in the next week or so. All in time for the fall season. Don't miss out on these great deals! And if you have any questions as I clear out the remaining inventory, feel free to contact me.



  1. I took a trip up there last week....did not see anything for a recent project but saw so much I wanted!!!

    1. thanks for stopping by, sherry! i'll be adding a lot more stuff until both booths close out on the 1st of sept - so keep checking back. the inventory will be mainly primitives, rustic, garden, along with some select industrial.


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