17 July 2013

17 Bathroom Storage Ideas (My Hometalk Curated Board)

17 bathroom storage ideas

A few months ago you may recall a post I did showing how I recycled the upper half of a secretary into a hanging cabinet. I thought it was going to be the perfect solution for some much needed bathroom storage. But the project ultimately ended up as a fail due to a minor detail - I didn't measure the depth of my cabinet first. Yes, the cabinet was just too deep for my long narrow bathroom.

Details, petty details (see Sweet Revival - Upcycling the Better Half).

But, once I painted that cabinet, I had fallen in love with its sweet curves, its little embellishments, and just how perfectly suited it was to the style of my bathroom. I loved that piece - so much so that I haven't been able to erase it from my memory.
hanging bathroom cabinet
Not one to be fettered by a failed undertaking, the search continues for another upcycle project that will become my decorative bathroom storage cabinet. I'm gathering ideas and inspiration as we speak.

So, just how perfect was it when Hometalk.com asked me to curate a board on creative storage solutions for the bathroom? So perfect, I say! This was my opportunity to gather great ideas from the members of the Hometalk community and store them all onto one board. There are some truly talented members, let me just mention. And while I've yet find the perfect piece for my bathroom wall, I did find some other clever ideas that I can't wait to put into place.

If I still had little ones in the home, I would definitely be hacking some plastic toys and making the animal towel rack - so perfect for a child's bathroom! And speaking of children's baths, I couldn't help but be inspired by the upholstered stool that does double duty as storage for all those cute little bath time toys. In an adult setting, that stool is a perfect storage solution for just about anything! Also for the adults, the idea of turning an antique piece of furniture into a bath vanity never gets old (so many beautiful options).

But those are just a few of the great ideas I cam across. And the great thing is, I can continue adding to my board as I find more inspirational ideas from the creative members of Hometalk.

Are you in need of some clever storage ideas for your own bath? Check out my curation of 17 Clever Bathroom Storage Ideas. You'll be taken to my Hometalk board where you will find lots of clever ideas that you can recreate for your own space.

Once there, see what inspires you, then leave me a comment on which clip was your favorite. I'd also love for you to share what other ideas you've come up with while organizing your own personal bath spaces.

I haven't told ya'll this just yet (since we were in the getting to know each other stage), but I think it's time I reveal that I have a real thing for organizing. Yes, the thought of organizing my kitchen cabinets makes me a little giddy. I thought it was time you got to know me a little better.



  1. Love these!

    Not sure how I stumbled upon you, but we are just over in Marietta. :)

    1. a kindred spirit from georgia! i''m so glad you came across my blog!


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