07 June 2013

Vagabond Picnic

For those of us living in the south, spring + early summer are prime times for outdoor dining. In preparation for the season, I've been restocking the picnic essentials while searching out unique ways to make the summer soirees just a bit more special. I find the best way to do that is by repurposing a few vintage finds to what I already have on hand.

This year's outdoor inspiration began with Terrain as soon as I came across their bamboo picnic supplies. I love the sustainability of bamboo products, not to mention the fact that they're so much more attractive than their plastic counterparts.

Taking my cue from the bamboo, I decided that this year's outdoor dining accessories would be chosen from products made from natural fibers.

Outdoo Dining
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This inspiration board is my perfect collection for the summer season, a cotton tablecloth + napkins, paper straws, and bamboo serving utensils. To mine, I incorporated some vintage by adding a set of aluminum Jell-O molds, all kept neatly stored in an antique leather suitcase.

The straps and interior shelving of the suitcase make the perfect storage space to hold all our picnic essentials.
leather suitcase picnic basket
leather suitcase storage ideas
Ample room to store a picnic blanket, tablecloth, napkins + all the necessaries.
bamboo picnic utensils
vintage picnic ideas
This set of vintage Jell-O molds is a fun + interesting option when used to hold your sides 
vagabond picnic
A vagabond dinner so sweet and campy! Keeping the essentials packed and ready makes an impromptu picnic under a candlelit tree always an option ;)

Happy weekend!


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