11 June 2013

Planting a White Garden

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It's been a while since I've taken you back to the mid-century remodel we've been working on. I am so happy that all the big projects are near complete and the home is at the end stage of its remodel, because we all know the fun stuff is the finishing touches!
patio garden

This next project brought me outdoors to add a bit of life to the entryway.

One of my favorite features of this home is its carport/patio entrance. Although it also has a formal front entry, this back entry is where friends and family come to visit.

The area was once just a driveway and open carport, but was enclosed many years ago with a sun room added. Now there is this beautiful outdoor living space that beckons you when the weather is warm.

This area is also the first thing you see as you enter the home, so it needs to be especially inviting.
mid century carport

Being that the former owners always loved to sit out here during the evenings, I thought I would pay homage by creating an evening garden in varying shades of white and chartreuse. White gardens take advantage of the "glow" of light colored plants to create a garden that comes alive at dusk and is particularly beautiful during the evening. If you have a spot where you and your family like to gather in the evenings, I encourage you to create a white garden of your own for a truly special treat. Here is how I created mine and what you'll need for this very simple project:
  • Plants in shades of white, chartreuse, or very light colors. When creating a mixed container, I use the "thriller, spiller, & filler" rule to help me choose my plants - one plant for height to "thrill," one plant that falls over the container to "spill," and one plant that grows in between to "fill."
  • Variety of containers.  A good rule of thumb is to select an odd number of containers with varying heights. This helps add visual interest.
  • Potting mix, such as Miracle Gro Moisture Control Potting Mix
  • Screen or used dryer sheet cut to size.
This home already had a supply of containers which I cleaned and gathered for my project.

Once your pots are ready for planting and your plants chosen, place your piece of screen or dryer sheet over the drainage hole to keep the soil retained within the pot. Next, fill the container approximately two-thirds full with potting mix.miracle gro potting soil

Using your chosen plants, gently remove them from their containers and place each one within the pot in a pleasing arrangement.
white caladium

But first it's always a good idea to gently disrupt the roots to discourage the plant from becoming root bound. Do this by simply "tickling" the roots as you remove it from its container.

Next, add remaining potting soil to the top of the plant roots, allowing approximately 1-2 inches of space from the soil to the top of the pot. Make sure to fill any gaps in between each plant with potting mix. Gently water, then sit back and enjoy your accomplishment!
white garden plants

Your work is done! Now wasn't that easy? And do you see how these plants seem to just glow as the sun sets? In my container, I used a white caladium, a white impatien, and a white euphorbia. Once the plants become more mature, they'll really shine their best.

If you're new to gardening and want to try your hand at some other simple step-by-step garden projects, Miracle-Gro has The Gro Project, a site where you can create four different fun yet easy projects. They also have a great Pinterest page featuring other fun garden projects designed to inspire and encourage new gardeners. You can also follow their Pinterest page for ongoing inspiration throughout the season.

Now, for some more "after" shots.shade garden
maidenhair fern
variegated hosta
patio garden

The perfect place to relax as the sun sets on another day!

Oh, and if you're looking for even more gardening ideas and tips, visit Miracle-Gro online and take advantage of their expansive library of articles, videos, and expert gardening advice.

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