28 June 2013

My Week in Instagram

If you haven't noticed already, I've had a lot of fun playing around on Instagram this week. I think I'm hooked.

I haven't spent much time over there until now, and I'm just beginning to learn it's ways. But I see a long-term relationship developing. I've already found quite a few interesting peeps to spy on. So, if you're on Instagram, follow me so that I can return the favor + live vicariously through all your goings on. We all need a little more voyeurism in our lives, no?  ;)

Here's my week in Instagram:

A favorite quick meal is tofu stir-fry. The perfect dinner for an end-of-the-week refrigerator clean out.
tofu vegetable stir fry
Tuesday morning had me waking early. Sadly, I'm not speaking of the store. No I was up frantically painting ceilings the same day we listed the mid-century remodel. Yay for getting that task accomplished! (Am I the only nerd totally excited to see that ceiling paint goes on pink then dries to white?)
watching paint dry
Listed!!! Can't wait to share more on the remodel in the coming weeks.
real estate listing
The remainder of my week was spent scouring out awesomeness for the shop + for myself.

I have a crush on this beautiful three-board country table as my dining table. It isn't what I thought I wanted, but really like its looks. I think my search continues, only because we would have to alter the apron in order for it to work with anyone taller than 5'5". The downside of antiques is that they are often not tall enough. Even with wheels added, this table is too low. (Sad face.)
country farm table
But, isn't that the fun of the game - the search? Why, yes it is!

How was your week in Instagram?


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