19 June 2013

Mid-Century Remodel - The Dining & Living Room Befores + Afters

Remember the mid-century remodel I've been working on? Well, I've been a busy bee on another wallpaper & custom drapery episode - this time in the dining room and living rooms.

All of the drapery in the home was custom made with yards & yards of opulent fabrics. So very expensive! I didn't have the heart to dispose of any of them because we all know those suckers will eventually come back in style. So, with that in mind, I packed the drapes away for that "someday" and stored them in the basement for the new owners.

Then came the arduous task of stripping paper.

The instant gratification of stripping away that decorative top layer is soon replaced with the tedious task of removing the paper's backing and adhesive paste. Such slow work...

*Oh, and should you decide to take on this diy project yourself, make every effort to clean all residual glue from your walls. If any glue remains as you begin to paint, your wet paint will cause the glue to reactivate and create a paint mess of epic proportions on your wall. Take the time to do this step correctly! {Note: I recently read somewhere that oil based primer does not react with the glue; so, if  you're up for that beast, it's another option.}

Here's a couple more "befores" of the dining room for you to savor:

Do you see the camouflaged door? If you look next to the hutch you will see the door has been cleverly disguised as part of the papered wall. I opted to remove it completely since it wasn't functional.

With a simple update of the walls and a major editing of the room's contents, here is what we now have:
The drapery has been removed, leaving only the sheers. The wallpaper has been stripped and the walls repainted in the home's original 1950's shade of greige. I love how the light flows into the spaces on this side of the house. It stays that way all day (lucky new homeowners).

The living room received the same treatment, removal of draperies, an edit of furniture, and new paint on the walls. Simple and clean.

This is where we began with the living room:

And here is where we leave it:

Simple changes that make a very large impact.

Now that we are near the end of the remodel, I'll be showing a lot more of the before + afters over the next week or so. I hope you enjoy seeing where we started and where we ended the project.

Remember, our goal was to update the home with as little up-front cost as possible. The home is in a transitional area, so major renovations were out of the question.When your budget was like mine (near zero) yet your home needs major cosmetic updates, the best suggestion I have found is to take the home back to its origin. Stripping away is less expensive than adding on, takes less skilled labor, and is something you can tackle yourself. And that is exactly what I have done here - take the home back to its original 1950's design.

I hope you stick with the project. Let me know what you would have done differently. As you will see, this project was a learning experience for me. I look forward to constructive criticism and alternative suggestions!



  1. Wow...I have nothing to add, you nailed it.

  2. It doesn't even look like the same house!! Amazing how much space it really has!


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