17 June 2013

Making Hydrangea Bundles

hydrangea bouquet
Saturday was spent in the yard doing some much needed pruning. And with hard work comes reward - mine being an array of leftover blooms from which to take full advantage.

I put together a few arrangements made from blossoms graciously donated by the hydrangeas.
blue hydrangea
When I'm arranging in a clear glass vase, I like to keep my stems neatly compact so that the entire presentation is cohesive.  One way I do this is by creating floral bundles.

making a wedding bouquet

By bundling three to five stems together with floral tape, it becomes one large bouquet. This makes an impactful arrangement above while keeping the stems neat and tidy below.
floral bouquet
trimming flower stems
Once your bundle is tied off, trim the stems just below the tape and immediately place in cool water.
hydrangea bundle in mason jar
An old-fashioned flower gets a modern twist with this clean + fresh display.
arrangin flowers
hosta arrangement
This bouquet of hosta blossoms was another arrangement I was working on. As I was busy arranging the stems, bumblebees were swarming all around me industriously collecting as much pollen as they could carry then coming back for more. The arrangement turned out beautifully, and I couldn't wait to take it indoors. But in the end I didn't have the heart to deny the bees their sweet nectar. I decided to donate the arrangement to the bumblebees + left it outdoors for their enjoyment.

The next morning they were still working away drinking nectar + collecting pollen.
making flower displays
That must be what heaven is like.



  1. You are truly gifted and also very creative. Hydrangeas are perfect for decorations. You have done a really great job with these hydrangeas bundle! Worth appraisal! Its looking so cute!


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