28 June 2013

Goodbye Google Reader!

Hello, my friends.

I'm sure you've heard, but for those of you who havent -  Google Reader is retiring! Yes, as of Monday, July 1, Google Reader will no longer exist as an option for RSS. Shock, I know.

But if you're an RSS fan, don't despair! There are some other wonderful readers for you to choose from for your RSS subscriptions. Below are my two favorites. Both are very reliable and offer great features:

#1) Feedly is a great option with lots of features to customize your page. And with a simple click, your Google Reader will be directly imported into Feedly. Easy Peasy!

#2) Another very good option is Bloglovin' that has a large following. You can use this link to import your blogs from Google Reader to Bloglovin'

For me, I personally am not as dedicated about visiting my reader as I'd like to be. I often go two or three weeks before I think to visit all the great blogs who don't offer their content through email. Unfortunately, by the time I think to visit, there are so many posts waiting for me to read that I just feel a huge sense of urgency to get through them as quickly as possible. In the end, I leave my reader glad for having cleaned out my mail, not that I read great content. I just couldn't savor each + every post the way I would have liked.

So, as a part of {Home-ology}'s new blog design, we decided to simply choose the one option our readers most often selected as their subscription of choice, and that is the daily email subscription through MailChimp. (Apparently you love having your posts delivered right to your in-box each morning just like me!)

We truly feel this delivery option is the best option for the long-term.

What does this mean for you if you are a Google Reader? Simply import {Home-ology} into one of the above RSS options. And if you are currently receiving daily posts via Feedburner, well, there's nothing more you need to do! We have transferred you over to our new email list, so there's no need to sign up again! Just enjoy, and thank you for being a subscriber.

I love so much that you enjoy reading my blog and look forward to continuing the journey with you each and every day!


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