21 June 2013

Good Eats - Bacon + Basil on Country Toast {aka BBT}

bacon on toast
Did I have you at bacon?
fresh basil leaves

Then try one of my favorite summertime breakfast combinations of bacon + basil  on toast for a twist on the BLT.

Using fresh basil leaves in place of lettuce adds a burst of fresh flavor that's the perfect "wake-me-up" for an early morning breakfast.
basil plant

I start with an early morning harvest of fresh basil.

Did you know that it's always best to harvest your herbs and vegetables in the morning rather than later in the day? When you harvest first thing in the morning, you're picking at the perfect time - once the plants have replenished  their moisture and have turned their starches into sugars through the night.

Your herbs + vegetables will always be crispier, jucier, and sweeter when harvested in the early morning.
french country bread
Lightly toast two slices of bread. If I can't have freshly baked bread, my next favorite is a hearty, flavorful whole-grain country bread such as this one from Whole Foods.
making a blt
To that, I add a generous amount of mayonaise (if you're lucky enough to have a homemade mayo, your golden) and a generous amount of freshly ground pepper.
bacon and basil sandwich
Stack on your bacon, then top with freshly washed + dried basil leaves.

For those tomato lovers (of which I am not), top your sandwich with a slice or two of your garden grown heriloom variety tomato. This is one of those times when I actually wished I enjoyed fresh tomatoes - because tomatoes never look so good as when they sit atop a BLT!
bacon + basil
Now kick back and enjoy the bliss that is bacon + basil on toast.


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