12 June 2013

Father's Day Gift Guide - Six Unique Gifts for the Guys

I have to admit, I don't particularly relish the attention given me during commercially induced holidays. To me, small appreciations given on a daily basis is what life is all about. I view every day as a celebration of the ones we love + of good things in general.

So when I do choose to celebrate someone in particular, I make an effort to celebrate them in a way that is genuinely special + meaningful.

At this moment I am, of course, speaking of Father's Day and those fathers out there who go the extra mile, make untold sacrifices for the sake of their family, and ask nothing in return. These gentle folk truly deserve to be celebrated above and beyond.

It may be breakfast in bed, a pass from weekend chores, a special dinner made with love, or a gift he would never splurge on given his own conscience. From simple to over-the-top, it's only fitting that we give them some kudos for all they do.

With that in mind, I've gathered together six gift ideas that will surely peak Dad's interest, his pallate, or his fun side. If you have a special father that's worthy of celebrating, you might consider one of these options for that one awesome guy.

Father's Day Gift Guide

1) The Beekeeper's Bible - For the gardener enthusiast, this book is described as part history, part handbook, and  part cookbook. It covers every aspect of beekeeping in a beautifully illustrated almanac ~ $24.28 at Amazon
2) Black Bull Whisky - Their 12 year old blended scotch has won numerous awards worldwide. Visit their website for stockists.
3) Cattails Woodwork on Etsy - Another for the bartender is this handmade muddler created from tiger maple. Hand finished and sealed, it's guaranteed not to raise the grain ~ $25.19
4) Arthur Court Barware - An intriguing spin on the bottle opener. Made of aluminum ~ $20.00
5) Star Howse on Etsy - A game the entire family can play is skittles on the lawn. Of course, the object of this game is to let Dad win. ~ $40
6) Two Guys Bowties - Because this dapper dad prefers to make a subtle statement, a wooden bowtie says it all. ~ $45-$70

Here's to the guys!


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