03 June 2013

Celebrating the South Through Food - 2013 Atlanta Food & Wine Festival

It's not often that I venture from my rural haven of North Georgia and dip my toes into the Big Peach {aka Atlanta}. But I did so for the Atlanta Food and Wine Festival so that I may savor the fare of the weekend's Tasting Tents. The mere chance to meet with Southern chefs and breweries and delight in their edible artistry was enough to draw me into the pit.
cucina asellina serving lemon drops + olives stuffed with roasted veal & semolina crust
chef kevin gillespie
kevin gillespie
But once inside, it was pure foodie heaven! So much fresh, locally grown fare - each featuring its own acclaimed Southern chef. I definitely found a few new favorites, for sure.

On the food front, nothing topped Swifts Attic and their ceviche of scallops topped with cucumber sorbet - definitely the group favorite.
Atlanta Food and Wine Fesitval

yardbird southern table & bar
True to the South was this ubiquitous presentation from Tap. Way to go for representin'!

The offering was a cheddar & jalapeno biscuit stuffed with a Georgia shrimp salad, peppered bacon and served with a slice of pickled okra. Love it or hate it, you can't call it Southern without okra being involved. We loved it!

And the libations! Oh my, what a selection of wonders to choose from.
My two very favorites were the Bloody Mary's made with Charleston Mix (to die!) and the exotic flavor of the Ole Smoky Tennessee Moonshine. I mean, it doesn't get more Southern hip than a fabulous moonshine cocktail. And this concoction had me at my Southern heart when mixed with sweet tea, lemonade, and a sprig of mint. I could get into some serious trouble with this one!

I hit their stage more than once:
ole tennessee moonshine infused cherries
ole tennessee moonshine recipes
I mean, it's a moonshine infused cherry. Come on!!!

Considering I'm not a beer connoisseur, I really enjoyed the fruity flavor of the "Miranda" Goose Island Beer. And the Vixen vodka was one sweet sip of goodness. These crafty ladies devised a plan, putting their own spin on vodka, while vacationing together on St. Simon's Island. This trio single-handedly created a vodka revolution that brought vodka out of the men's clubs and into the hands of the ladies! Thanks, gals!

And so the day came to an end, and the staff packed up their goods - still smiling, still having a good time.
Typical Atlanta, it was hot - but not unbearable. It was crowded - but not unbearable. Most importantly, it was a great time.

I think this photo sums it up nicely.

In its third year, The Atlanta Food + Wine Festival looks to be an ongoing event held during the first weekend June. Let's hope so!

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  1. Looks like fun. They used to have a annual thing like that here in Buford for the local restaurants. It was always very crowded and very hot. I guess the economy of the last few years put a stop to it.

  2. Yum!
    Thanks for sharing!
    I only like okra if it is fried.


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