24 June 2013

A Saturday at the Farmer's Market

With Friday's summer solstice, the farmer's market is finally coming into full swing.
farmer's market vegetables

There's so much goodness to look forward to - fresh cut flowers and just-picked vegetables.
daisies and zinnias
While there, I met two lovely ladies, Amanda from Winey Goat Farms and Ashley from Dreams Handmade who were selling an array of natural soaps and salves.
dreams handmade

I'm intrigued by the all-natural dishwasher cleanser tablets.
handmade dishwasher tabs

But in the end was wooed by a bar of goat's milk soap wrapped in wool which I put it into action after my Saturday of rummaging through a few yard sales, my morning at the market, and a couple of hours spent in the garden.

I really loved how moisturizing it was. I think I may have found a new favorite!
goat's milk soap

Fresh seasoned corn, new potatoes with butter + parsley, and tender sweet peas will be the highlight of tonight's menu.
farm to table

Oh, and on the way to the market, I picked up this vintage split oak basket for $1. How convenient! They must have known.


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