08 May 2013

Vintage Finds for the Mid Century Remodel

I've been working non-stop on the mid-century remodel. And after six straight days of majorly intense labor, I took a much needed day off on Saturday. Much needed! I actually got to speak to other people besides my dog and my husband - quite a transition after a full week of very little social interaction!

My day off included an early morning of scouring garage sales and a local antiques market {just before the deluge of rains}. If you're new to an area, scouting out garage sales is one of the best ways to learn about your surrounding neighborhood. So if you're visiting a new city or are a newly transplanted individual, hit the garage sales and be amazed by how much you learn from visiting the locals!

The market was so much fun - a bottle of root beer, a corndog, and some vintage shopping always makes for a great day - but it was the garage sales that really got my happy on. One in particular sale we hit was at a local church. There I picked up a very rare set of Fire King nesting bowls in a beautiful shade of aqua. They're minty mint! And with them came a matching serving bowl. I was so stinkin' excited. It almost made me want to redo my kitchen just to match their exquisite shade of blue.
fire king mixing bowls
But since that is completely unrealistic, I chose something almost as good. I'm going to use them in the remodel home as a stage prop. The style and color fit so well with the home's mid-century bones.
vintage nesting bowls
Another thrift store find I came across was this lovely starburst clock. Again, perfect for this house.
vintage starburst clock
This home's interior had a lot of Hollywood Regency in its original design. As a nod of respect to its glamorous beginnings, I'm doing all I can to restage it in that same original design. This clock will fit in just beautifully!

Back at the ranch, it was time to start staging a few rooms as we finish up on the remodel (woot!). Remember, I'm using pieces from the estate to stage the home, which means a couple of upcycling projects will be in order to make things flow.

This little tea table was found out on the screened porch + became my first project. It's nothing too exciting, but a good functional piece. There's also a hutch that goes with it which I'll put to good use.
upcycled kitchen table
My thought is to use it as a work station for the kitchen, but it's a little too "country cute" in its current state and definitely not the look I'm after. Some wallpaper removal and a coat of paint helped define it as something a little less country and a little more neutral.

Can you believe it? Yes, more wallpaper - this time on the furniture! I'm not sure what I did to deserve this.

But after an hour of scraping, the floral motif was gone and the table got a fresh coat yellow paint.
yellow table
Not bad for a quick change up. Amazing what a coat of paint can do. I'll show this table in its proper setting once I reveal the kitchen's up-do.

But today I'm back in the bath + guess what I'm doing? Yep. Removing wallpaper.


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