03 May 2013

Vintage Bathroom DIY - Stage #3

I don't know about y'all, but I'm so glad to see the week end! As Saturday rolls around, I get to take a break from all the labor of the home remodel and go out to play. On the agenda is a day spent at the first antiques fair of the season. I'm so looking forward to the diversion - it's going to be a nice respite from the non-stop manual labor that has me a tad worn out.

I've accomplished so much this week; but there is little I can show just yet. You know how it is - I'm currently in the "limbo" stage, not the "presentation" stage. It's a bit frustrating because I've put so much energy into it the last two weeks, I want to show each & every step. However, I'm afraid you would find the details boring. So, in time, we'll get to the reveal!

So, with little to show for my efforts, are you guys up for another recap of the bathroom project in the mid-century home remodel? I first posted about the bath when I uncovered the vintage wallpaper here. It was difficult, but my love affair with that paper has come full circle, & I am now prepared to remove it {layer #2} for something less tattered.  But let's recap with a few "befores" before we move on to the next stage - painting.

This home was lovingly updated in the 1980's with no expense spared. I tell you this so that you can brace yourself  for the 1980's update in typical 1980's exuberance.
vintage bathroom ideas
Here it was when we began. The original checkered tile and fixtures remain but with updated papered walls, papered cabinets, and custom drapery on the tiny window as well as the tub surround. 
bathroom remodel ideas
{Who forgot to close the lid?} 
The only thing I'm diggin' right now is the powder blue vintage fixtures and the checkered tile. So authentic.
home remodel
But with the current wallpaper, this tile is making no sense.
removing old wallpaper
There is wallpaper everywhere.
removing old wallpaper
vintage bathroom
Even the door
removing old wallpaper
And the interior of the cabinets.

I stripped this paper only to find the beautiful original paper from 1960s. Its blue, green, & gold stripes was the cohesive unit that gave relevance to the checkered tile. But, alas it is badly damaged. And with a budget of nil, the only answer is to strip the paper {again} & paint.
It's amazing how such a small room can suck so much time & energy out of the remodel. Not realizing it at the time, this bath has become one of my major projects due to the work it has demanded of me.

I'm thinking of Benjamin Moore's Silver Lining. What do you think? Enough blue without being baby blue and just enough grey to tone it all down.


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