14 May 2013

Sweet Revival - Upcycling the Better Half

Ha! Clever title, no? Wouldn't we all love to upcycle our other half at times? But I digress...

I was hanging at a local auction the other Saturday evening, 'cause that's just how we love to spend our Saturday nights now days. But that's, once again, another story. So, up came the decrepit upper half of an old secretary. It had nice lines, but was in awful shape and was painted in the darkest of brown. Still, I was intrigued. My mind began to whirl around ideas. Add legs to it & make it a bookshelf? Marry it to a lonely lower half? Oh! How about as a hanging potting shed - because I'm all about creating an interesting potting shed for myself right now. Yes! A hanging potting shed for my garage or back deck. Perfect!

{bid, bid, win}

Here's what I came home with
upcycling an antique
She is a dreaded mess, isn't she. No worries, a coat of paint is just the ticket to make her into an interesting workhorse. Since she was to be garden related, I was thinking a can of green would work nicely.
But she wasn't having any of it. She let out a heavy sigh as I contemplated my collection of brightly colored spray paints. No, she wasn't feeling a bright happy shade of green, so I went to the next easiest option - I slapped a coat of chalk paint in Paris grey, with the standard distressing.
chalk paint
Fitting. And because it would be in a semi-outdoor environment and I was too lazy to wax it it needed good protection, I applied a protective coating Rust-oleum clear coat.
I love my Rust-oleum!
using chalk paint

But now that she's all painted, she's just too pretty for a utilitarian purpose such as housing dirty garden tools. {Wait a minute! Clever little secretary, she knew exactly what she was doing all along.} I think I've been dupped.

Okay, secretary, you win. But what to do with you now? I immediately thought of storage for my bathroom. I have a bare wall in dire need of embellishment. It might be perfect. So I lugged her indoors for a visual. 
wall display
Picture the piece on the left - attached to the wall on the right.

Just my luck, it's too deep to fit. Well, since I already had her indoors, I decided to have some fun and decorate her up a bit.
storage ideas for a bath
Oh, so pretty & such a tease - why don't you fit???

 See just how lovely it could be hanging in someone else's bathroom? And so functional, too - you guys know I love me some dual purpose furniture.
antique furniture as storage
Yes, a potting shed would have been an injustice to this beautiful piece.



  1. I love this piece she turned out beautiful .. Hope she finds a home soon.. hugs, Cherry


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