22 May 2013

Plants for a Mid-Century Style

I've been researching houseplants as inspiration for the mid-century home we're remodeling. I thought it would be fun to hunt down similar plants as those popular in the 1950's - since it respects the home's era. To my delight, I found the old fashioned houseplants are trending quite heavily this season and all were easily found at the local plant nursery.

Once inside, I found a wonderful variety of exactly what I was looking for:
plants for a mid-century style
1) dracaena, 2) southern maidenhair fern, 3) caladiums, 4) impatiens, & 5) wax begonia. 

Oh, included in my purchases was a Boston fern. What home in the 50's didn't have a Boston fern?

This little project was such a delightful lesson in old-fashioned houseplant varieties. When I actually saw them in person, it became difficult for me to pin down just a few. I wanted them all. But pin down I did, and now the home is filled with a wonderful array. 

Appreciating the antecedents of current houseplant varieties and has given me the opportunity to remember the lives of my very own antecedents. When my research was done and my inspiration board set, I unexpectedly found that it looked very familiar. I soon realized that each and every one of the plants I selected were plants which my grandmother cultivated in her gardens in south Florida. Oh, sweet incidents! They happen so rarely.

If you're looking for inspiration for your mid-century home, take time to research the various plant varieties of the era. There are many to choose from. And if you're lucky to have a well versed plant nursery in your area, you'll more than likely find them in stock.


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