10 May 2013

Mid-Century Remodel - Staging the kitchen in Vintage 50's

Are you guys ready for the weekend? As we speak, I'm headed home after being away for two full weeks! We're looking forward to getting back home; but there's much to catch up on, and we have a crazy weekend on schedule, so no rest for us just yet!

These past two weeks I've been very busy working on the remodel house. Lots and lots of work happening, but not a lot to show for it just yet. It's getting close, however; and I am beginning to see the light! I was so stinkin' excited to be able to stage a couple of rooms today, so I'm feeling upbeat. You know how it is when you work & work but have anything to show for it? That's the way it's been for the last couple of months -tons happening but no end in sight. Being able to have a couple of rooms completed feels so good. Actually seeing the benefits of all the hard work helps to keep me on track. Soon I'll get to show you lots of the before & afters, recap what was spent, and the number of (wo)man hours that were put into it. I am looking forward to looking back!

Today I'm going to show you how I staged the kitchen in prep for the listing. The kitchen was an easy fix - it just needed a fresh coat of paint - otherwise, all else stayed as is. Keep in mind that for the staging I'm basically using what we have on hand from estate in  addition to a few items I've picked up here & there from garage sales & thrift stores.

Earlier in the week I posted about some vintage finds for the remodel and the little yellow table I was hoping to use as a work station in the kitchen. That little table has a larger cousin, a hutch, which I'm also going to use. Here he is in his before stage - yes, as my luck would have it - wallpapered...{Sorry for the grainy pic}
hutch "before"
And here he is now
1950s vintage kitchen
Actually, I did very little to the hutch besides remove the wallpaper decals and change out the hardware. The bright yellow table was enough color in the kitchen, so I decided the hutch was best left white.

But those country-style brass knobs had to go.  I replaced them with what is probably a replica of its original knobs from the early 70's, chrome.  Amazing how much better it looks by just changing the hardware.
hardware update
Love the old school chrome so much more! I would also love to paint the back of the piece, and may do so at a time when I'm not so "paint" exhausted from the non-stop painting that's been goin' on.  Right now, that hutch is lookin' pretty darn good as is!

And the yellow table ended up fitting perfectly as a small work table in the center. Yay for things working out when you don't expect them to!!!
painted table
As I set up the kitchen, I just went with the flow by using what I had on hand. Want to take a look at all the little finds I collected?  Let's recap.

I upcycled the two pieces of furniture from the estate {the table & hutch} and gave them new life with paint and hardware. In the basement, I found a blue rag rug that fits perfectly underneath the work table and helps tie in the color theme that spontaneously occured. Next, I raided the cabinets and came across a goldmine of vintage 50's kitchenalia. Do you see the retro chrome standing mixer under the table? To die! And sitting next to it is a little collection of handstitched napkins - so sweet!
vintage chrome mixer
But did you notice the interesting wall hanging in the second picture above? It's next to the hutch.
1950s apron
It's a vintage kitchen apron. I found this beautiful mint, never used, absolutely adorable pleated apron folded up in a drawer Fancy, to boot - with its blue florals and gold detailing all neatly pleated. A pleated kitchen apron, my oh my! I guess that's the one you greeted your hubby with when he walked in from a hard days work ;)

And more eye candy to admire within the hutch:
vintage kitchenalia
vintage kitchen accessories
1950s kitchen items
milk glass candy dish
vintage cookbooks
I can't wait to take these two vintage cookbooks to bed for a good read and a great laugh.

Here's a quick before shot of the other side of the kitchen:
And here's the after.
1950s kitchen design
Decluttered and a fresh coat of paint. Some things are just that simple.

So there you have the kitchen. If I had had a budget, I would have taken this kitchen much more modern. But by simply working with what I had on hand, we have a great set-up perfectly appropriate for a mid-century home. I'm loving how the retro kitchen unintentionally came together!

So, all the hard work I've been doing is beginning to pay off, and the fun part has begun! You have no idea how happy I am to have made it through the drudgery and manual labor and to have made it to this stage! I'm pretty stoked!

Happy weekend!



  1. That mixer used to be mine! My mom passed it down to me when I got my first apartment and then I gave it to D when we got our new one. It still works great too!

  2. heather, i know!!! your mom told me the story about it. don't you love the vintage chrome? tell me, do the newer ones work as well as the old ones?

  3. Great job!! I really appreciate your work because you did this work own.Your project inspire me to do remodeling of my home also.Thanks for sharing.

    1. i have to say, it was fun just working with what i had on hand. it certainly cut down on the process of eliminating options!


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