13 May 2013

It's Good Being Home

Sunday was a special day - not only because it was Mother's Day, and not only because it was one extraordinarily beautiful day, but because I'm home after being away for an extended period.

It was so nice to spend Sunday morning on my own cushy sofa, sipping coffee & being served breakfast by one awesome guy! It's so calming to be home. The familiar scent as you enter, the comfort of having everything in the exact place you like it, and the pleasure of one's own bed.

But I am especially excited to be home to see my garden during this time of the year.
iris plant

I've already missed many of my favorite springtime blossoms, such as the grand display of my Lady Banks roses that welcome as you come up the drive {I was sad to have missed her annual display}. But there's plenty more still in bloom, and I plan to soak up all the goodness while I'm here next week.

I hope you don't mind, but I wanted to share with you just how beautiful it was to come home after being away.

On Friday, we were welcomed by two little babes who spent the evening & next day with us.
On Saturday, in between crazy play, Barbies, and tea parties, we played outside.
At one point Charlotte insisted that Michelle & I get married so she could toss fallen rose petals into the air. It was a beautiful ceremony I wish I had captured!
Exhausting fun!

And while we were busy playing, Mr. H gave the lawns a much needed cutting.
gardenDon't you love how a freshly mowed lawn sets the scene for the garden beds? So pretty.

And the summer vege garden was planted. These little seedlings will produce some fiery heat that will eventually turn into Mr. H's famous pickled jalapenos.
jalapeno seedling
pickled jalapenos
cold can jalapenos
So pretty in the jar, but oh so wicked...

And here is one of my favorite resting spots:
Which is where you could find me with my favorite beverage once the babes were safely home. #Lovin' this weekend!

Oh, and one last thing - meet our naughty kitty, aptly named "Fritz:"
Yes, the poor snake was decapitated.


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